Are you currently in a relationship?  Whether you’re married or dating, at times your connection with each other can suffer.  Most times it’s no fault of your own, it’s the result of not having adequate time to focus on spending that high quality time together.

One of the best cures for any sort of relationship rocky roads is treating yourselves to a weekend getaway.

Strengthen Your Relationship Through Relaxation

Many times one of the first explanations as to why your relationship could be lagging is the sheer fact that you and your partner never get the chance to enjoy just each other.

What does that mean?

Think about it for just a second.  How often do you as a couple get the chance to dedicate undivided attention only to each other?  If you’re both working, your jobs monopolize the majority of your waking hours.

Then there’s driving back and forth from work.  All the various errands that need to be done or obligations to friends and family.  Oh wait… and what if you have kids too? They need attention and they take the #1 spot as a priority.

So after all that… what’s left over for you and your partner to enjoy each other?  That’s right… very little. And so it’s no wonder that you might need a weekend getaway at Happy Buddha to help invigorate and strengthen your relationship.

Adventures Together Deepen Your Bond

Another huge benefit of attending a weekend getaway has to do with sharing adventures together.  Whether it be giggling as you both teeter and totter through a yoga class or lay back in a field of luscious green grass to stare at the sky… joint adventures deepen your connection.

It’s through these mutual adventures and activities that allow you to enjoy your own little “secret.”  The laughs, the tears or the heartfelt conversations gained through these activities are yours and yours alone.

Treat them as the cherished treasures that they are.

Real Talk

One of the greatest benefits to you and your partner attending a glorious weekend getaway is that it provides the opportunity for one of the keys to re-connecting at the deepest levels.


Conversations about “real stuff.”  Not chatting about the latest movies or what that crazy neighbor did the other day… conversations that create change.  Imagine strolling along an outdoor path, enjoying the visions of nature. Having literally hours of pure quiet time for you and your partner to talk without interruption.

To talk about your fears… sharing your goals… remembering how much you love each other faults and all. To be REAL with each other.

So if you’re feeling as if your relationship has lost some of its luster… a weekend getaway could be just the thing to bring back that shine!