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These days it seems everybody knows about the life altering power of fasting.  To go without food even for 16 hours out of a day has been shown to energize, create clarity and of course help drop some annoying extra pounds.

But what about “fasting” from living frantically so you can radically decrease stress.

Your 3 Day Wellness Upgrade

One of the easiest ways for you to go on your 3 day fast from the hustle and bustle is to attend a wellness retreat like Happy Buddha. When you arrive, you’ll immediately feel your overall being begin to decrease stress.

Just the sheer fact you chose to head out of town and completely detach from your normal routines will cause a dip in your stress output.  There’s something magical that happens when your feet first step into that yoga studio or feel the soft grass as you stroll in nature.

Force Out The Frantic

Another gigantic benefit attending a 3 day wellness retreat for your fast from frantic living is because you’re almost forced to slow down.  For instance at Happy Buddha, you’re not going to see our staff or instructors scrambling under pressure or pushing you to go faster.

If anything, your first few hours at a wellness retreat could be quite a shock to your overloaded system because everything is done (and enjoyed) at such a slower pace.  But once you settle in, your body and mind will release all those stress toxins.

Another extreme advantage of attending a wellness retreat is that your fellow attendees as well as the instructors will constantly be encouraging you to slow down, to decrease stress through enjoying the moments.

During those three days, let yourself be concerned with only one thing… THE NOW.

Let Yourself Become Lighter

One of the most surprising (and inspiring) effects of going on your 3 day fast from frantic living is you will become lighter.

Just like when you fast from eating food and lose a few pounds, the same holds true in your mindset and well being.  By committing to a wellness retreat for 3 days, you decrease stress through the elimination of all those “supposed” important things.

As you detach and “fast” from your normal life, you discover that you didn’t need all those things as much as you thought.  Stressing about your job, money, Monday morning traffic or what’s going on in politics… you went 3 days without any of that.

Guess what?  You didn’t need it.  Not one bit.

Just as some days you don’t need all that extra food.

Treat yourself to a 3 day fast from frantic living with a wellness retreat and you’ll find yourself floating like a care free feather.  You deserve to decrease stress and remember how much light you can bring to your life.

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