Choice.  Control.

You’ve always had both my friend.  It’s just that you may have simply forgotten the truth.

And one of the most important choices you can make to gain more control in your life is dedicating at least one weekend a quarter to a wellness retreat.

Give yourself some “me” time

That’s right… a wellness retreat.  A short time away where your sole focus is to detach yourself from all obligations and responsibilities.

To feel lifted above and beyond society’s norm of high stress, crushing anxiety and constant need for taking care of everyone else’s needs except your own.  Sound a bit familiar?

But when you remove yourself from that environment and place yourself in the midst of a wellness retreat like you’ll find outside Sydney NSW, you can start to remember your truth.

That you are in control of the choices you make on a daily basis… both great and terrible.

And there is a divine power contained within that realization.  But sometimes the only way to gain access to it, is by slowing everything else down.  But how?

You choose how to heal

For some of you it could be long slow walks near waterfalls, lakes and vast expanses of trees.  Others are able to turn down the speedometer of success through Yoga Nidra (guided meditation). While still others may downshift from their redlining mind all the way into neutral through the practice of various yoga styles.

Another way to revisit the fact that you have choice and control over how you live is to just…


Stop your body, stop your wandering mind.  To just be still.

And within that stillness, to let everything else fade into the background.  To simply place all of your focus on the idea that you choose everything in your life.

You choose to continue reading this article… or not.

You’re in control… always

You choose to embrace a higher way of thinking when it comes to how you create a sense of balanced achievement in your life.  Or you could choose to keep operating within the same low grade, barely getting by programming that so many subsist upon.

And of course you choose to book that flight across country (or the world) to take full advantage of a 3 day, 2 night wellness retreat.  Or do you continue to reside in a prison of your own design where a victim mindset is your warden?

Choice.  Control.

You have it right now.

But will you embrace the supreme creative and regenerative power of those two words to carry you forward to greatness?  You have a choice to make.

Choose wisely.

Choose you!