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Yoga Retreat NSW

We add Fun. With optional activities like drumming, yoga, meditation and relaxation taught in a down to earth environment in the heart of NSW.

Give yourself a weekend of self exploration at our yoga retreat in NSW. All activities are interactive, engaging and fun. The yoga retreat is about experiencing how it feels when you have some time away for yourself to re energise, re calibrate and get excited about life.

When you chose our yoga retreat in NSW we will help you unleash the clarity that is within. We take care of everything so you only need to focus on relaxing. Just 90 minutes outside of Sydney, you will start to unwind, discover your own natural wisdom and realise there is nothing you need to fix about yourself.

To get the most out of our yoga retreat in NSW it is best to simply come with no expectations on yourself. Instead enter a world of being rather than doing.

Our yoga retreat in NSW is so much more than yoga and meditation. They focus on all aspects of natural health, following the simple principles of breathing to calm down the body and the mind.

Your Yoga Retreat includes:

  • Comfortable twin share en suite accommodation for 2 nights
  • Tranquil, peaceful setting.
  • Friendly supportive guidance from our staff
  • All meals
  • Relaxed and informal program of activities

If you are ready to book your yoga retreat in NSW then find out more about the dates and prices