Go, go and go.  We never seem to have even a moment to spare for ourselves… it’s all about striving and grinding for the next big win in our lives.  And for most high achievers, that next big win never seems to be quite enough.

But what if stepping back and slowing down with gratitude unlocked the doors to even more abundance?

Yoga And Giving Thanks

Time and time again, we’ve all heard from a wide variety of personal development gurus that expressing gratitude for what is right now sets out an invitation for more in the future.  And yet it seems the majority of us keep our focus only on what has not arrived yet.

Instead of inviting our future with a grateful heart… we scratch, claw and clutch at goals still not achieved.  Which leaves us worn out, feeling “less than” and in a constant state of spiritual chaos. By slowing yourself down and detaching from all that hustle and bustle at a yoga retreat, you’re able to remember all of your current gifts.

And it is through this remembering of all you’ve already been blessed with so far that puts you into flow for your ever expanding future.

Slow Down To Speed Up

Look… it’s completely understandable why so many of us aren’t able to tap into gratitude on a regular basis.  Our daily routines have us sprinting from one activity to the next with hardly a break along the way. This is why settling into your own restorative yoga retreat (like you’ll find at Happy Buddha just outside of Sydney NSW) is your perfect “reset button.”

Two of the best yoga practices you could use to enhance your gratitude meter is through Hatha or Yin style yoga.  Both of these approaches put a heavy focus on slower movements or holding postures for longer times.

By putting all of your focus on these “slower flow” yoga styles, you allow your mind to settle.  To block out all the daily mayhem of work, obligations and expectations. Instead, you’re able to bring your mind to a complete stand still… and remember to give thanks for all you already possess.

What’s so interesting is that by slowing yourself down while at a yoga retreat, you can actually speed up your progress once you leave.  But how?

Launch Yourself Past Your Plateau

As we each strive to achieve our ultimate potential, at some point we reach a plateau.  We hit that sticking point where it seems no matter what we try next… nothing works. Again and again we try… but we still end up stuck.

Once again, this is where attending a yoga retreat and practicing the art of gratitude can shatter your previous limitations.  It has to do with tapping into a fresh energy, a new perspective.

Remember the famous quote from Albert Einstein?

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”

So if you’re feeling as if you’re banging your head against a brick wall with one of your goals, it’s because you’re relying on “old consciousness.”  So by stepping back, giving thanks for what is right now… you begin to see your current situation through new eyes.

But in order to gain this enhanced vision, you must put yourself in the proper surroundings that allow you to settle down, to calm your inner storm.  Investing in a weekend yoga retreat could be just the ticket my friend.

Create and refresh your consciousness and watch as you soar past your limitations.