As you read that shocking headline, I can already see you may have thought I’ve lost my mind.

Yoga and Money? Working in harmony? My brain must’ve finally burnt to a crisp after just one too many hot yoga classes.

But hold on for a second.  There’s no reason that an increased flow in your bank accounts can’t coincide with how you master the flow of a Vinyasa class.

Let’s try and break this down a bit further when it comes to our finances and how to attract more abundance easily and with renewed peace of mind.

Yoga Provides Increased Focus

There is zero doubt that mastering the art of yoga is no simple task.  We all remember the first time we attempted downward dog, Ustrasana or Mayurasana… yikes!

And the same can be said during those first attempts at creating a surge in our abundance. Both experiences more than likely had aspects of pain and discomfort mixed within those bold attempts.

And yet with every new class, you gain a little more confidence in the poses.  The reason being you’ve had to put 100% of your focus on every microscopic movement your body is feeling.

And it is through this laser focus and awareness of every tiny detail that allows you to carry it over to improving your own finances.

Whether that be a brand new business venture of your own or simply buckling down in your career to secure your guaranteed raise this year.  Increasing your focus can most certainly increase your level of abundance aka cashola!

Yoga Flows… So Does Money

When it comes to the practice of yoga, it’s about finding the easiest paths in order to flow from one posture to the next.  Even in the slower forms of yoga like Yin, your focus is still on the flow of your breath in order to improve your poses.

Well money is also meant to flow and continue to circulate through the exchange of value between creator and recipient.  So as you continue to master the flow of yoga, you can apply the same practice to creating the flow of abundance inside your business.

If you are stagnant in your business or career, the money tends to stop.  But if you continue to expand your mindset, embrace fresh opportunities and consistently keep yourself in a space of divine creation… money tends to start flowing like a waterfall.

The key is to keep moving… both in mind and body.

Yoga Is About Balance

In reality, all Life is about balance.  Mind, body, spirit, yoga and yes even money.  If we find ourselves out of balance in any of these areas, it leads to suffering.  Not just for ourselves but for all those who rely on us or are connected to us.

Now if you were suffering from mental illness… would you not seek the best care?

If your body was broken… would you not find a physician to mend you?

And yet if we are part of the “walking wounded of wealth”… we tend to be content with our position of pain and anguish.  How odd indeed.

Instead we should strive to heal every aspect of our lifestyle and seek only to thrive for the sake of fulfilling upon our true potential.  Just as a yoga practice enhances our well being, the same can be said of any form of currency.

If our ultimate goal is to contribute our best to this glorious world then embracing abundance should be treated with divine respect.

“Successful people make money. It’s not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do.”

Wayne Dyer