Become a Yoga Retreat Volunteer!

As a Yoga Retreat Volunteer you will experience life at Happy Buddha Retreat and benefit from the retreat program as well.

You will join a team of enthusiastic people from Australia and around the world who are a big part of what makes Happy Buddha great. We welcome all ages (as long as you’re over 18!) and are open to a variety of cultural backgrounds too.

You’ll find this program to be insightful and transformative!

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about living a conscious, yogic lifestyle. Whether this is already your lifestyle or you would like to try it out, your volunteer experience will be life changing!

The Laughing chef and yoga retreat volunteers

Your role as a volunteer:

During your yoga retreat volunteer exchange you’ll help with a mix of tasks including:

  • Food preparation
  • Dish-washing and kitchen clean up
  • Assist with retreat preparation & housekeeping
  • Be open and beautiful! This is a unique opportunity to recharge and really explore your happiness



Yoga retreat volunteer

What’s included:

  • Daily yoga practice with retreaters and public classes
  • Access to at least one retreat offering. This means you’ll partake in openings, closings, yoga, workshops, drumming circles!
  • All food and accommodation during your stay
  • Access to on-site swimming pool
  • A chance to live an intentional life with like-minded people
Past yoga retreat volunteers

Giving back!

This program is all about having the right mindset. You’ll experience something great when you commit to at least 30 days and are willing to give back to this inspiring community.

Ideally our yoga retreat volunteers are positive, thrive on giving back, are exploring yoga as a daily practice and love customer service.

To register your interest head over to our Helpx listing and one of the crew will then be in contact about your stay.


Enjoy the Blue Mountains

Yoga retreat volunteers live in our retreat house, next door to the main guest accommodation. Known as “The Palace” (for its rather beautiful chandelier), the house is an eclectic mix of art and comforts. It has all you need including common areas, lots of artwork, musical instruments, communal kitchen, shared facilities and a swimming pool. 

With spacious rooms you may get a single room or a shared room. When retreats are in session you will eat the same delicious meals as our retreat guests. On the days when there are no retreats, the volunteers get together and cook communal meals.

Yoga retreat volunteers practicing yoga

An unforgettable experience

As a yoga retreat volunteer you will take part in at least one retreat including opening and closing circles, yoga, mindfulness and drumming! We think our volunteer program offers the best of both worlds – you get to live with like minded people and experience the retreat program. 

During your spare time you are free to stay and enjoy your quiet (or not so quiet – we have a drum kit!) time. Alternatively go for a stroll in Wentworth Falls village, or explore the Blue Mountains region.

Volunteers stay with us for at least 30 days, many stay much longer and don’t want to leave! This commitment means you can truly have an unforgettable experience.


Are you the right fit?

Yoga retreat volunteers at Happy Buddha need to be positive and cooperative. We are looking for people willing to lend a hand in any of the tasks assigned to them. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, as long as you have energy and enthusiasm to contribute. 

Ideally, you will have an interest in or a practice of yoga, meditation or drumming circles. However, this is not necessary, so long as you have an open mind and willingness to learn. Most importantly, you have a positive mindset and feel open and ready to delve in deep for at least 30 days.

Of course, you’ll need to help out around the place too! Volunteers must be willing and able to assist with meal and retreat preparation. 

In exchange for accommodation, food, one retreat offering and this amazing opportunity to experience our community, you will be required to work approximately 26 hours per week. This may change according to our retreat schedule. However, we do guarantee you plenty of free time and a day to yourself each week.

Volunteers find time for their own passions such as art projects
Yoga retreat volunteers at a local cafe in Wentworth Falls
Retreat volunteers live together in the main communal house

What you’ll experience…

Was this volunteering at Happy Buddha Retreats in the Blue Mountains what I expected? A few words that spring to mind are: Better, Enlightening, Eye-opening, Inspirational, Nourishing, Colder, Heart-warming. 

This is how Meg, one of our amazing volunteers, describes her volunteering experience with us! Read more over on MegA Memories. Meg – we miss you already!!

Volunteers enjoying a bush walk in the Blue Mountains
Group photo of Happy Buddha volunteers
Happy Buddha volunteer on a waterfall bush walk

Kind words from past yoga retreat volunteers…

“What a wonderful time! Those four weeks has gone very fast. We will keep in mind all those memories, yoga classes, amazing food, meditation tips, awesome hikes in Blue Mountains,  and the super team we got the chance to spend time with… 🐨🍓🇦🇺”


“Have spent the past 3 months at Happy Buddha Retreats, and already miss the place like crazy! There is something really unique about this place. Have shared so many beautiful, joyful moments full of laughter, chai, ukulele, hiking, yoga with friends I have become very close to and I miss you all so much.”



“I am volunteering at the Happy Buddha Yoga Retreat Center in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Australia and I am enjoying every minute of it!!.”