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Transformation Retreat


Unleash your endless potential…

We know life can be incredibly complex. We can easily be disrupted and distracted from our goals and passions. So how do we refocus and remind ourselves of our unlimited potential? Can we shift our mindset to experience more joy? How do we find more time for ourselves ~ so we have more time for our loved ones and communities we care about?

This retreat is the catalyst for a beautiful transformation.
Happy retreaters at Happy Buddha

Isn’t it time to ignite something within? To re-calibrate and transform?

4 Nights of inspiration

Four nights and five days of inspiration to rediscover what ignites you, and embrace self-discovery. You’ll experience yoga, movement, drumming, nature immersion, meditation and nourishment.

Take time out from your busy schedule and make a deliberate commitment to embrace transformation of all kinds.

That ‘aha’ moment that you want and crave a career shift. That flicking of a switch in your mind which says “I am good enough”. That transformation which teaches you to let go and embrace a purposeful life now.

A group of happy retreaters pose with facilitators and african drums

“To be a really strong person, you have to make time for inner development.” ~ Jack Kornfield

Blue Mountains lanscape

Time out. Time off. Re-calibrate.

This is a Monday to Friday retreat. You’ll be staying at our communal house, nestled in the surroundings of Happy Buddha Retreats located at Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, NSW.

The program is packed with inspiring sessions and there’s also ample time to journal, rest, read and relax.  We’ll gather in our balcony studio for sessions, find nourishment in great food, company and connection.

  • Learn new ways to settle your mind.
  • Tap into joy-making rituals.
  • Learn techniques to focus on your passions.
  • Take refuge in self-care.
  • Learn how to reach your potential.

4-Night Transformation Retreat

An inspiring Monday to Friday retreat inclusive of your twin-share room, shared amenities, meals and inspiring workshops!

An intimate 8 person retreat for transformation and self-discovery
Held on selected weeks in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains.

Women's sharing and creative circle

An experience to remember


Story Telling – We will hear stories from times past; ancient truths whose wisdom we can call upon to guide us. And we’ll share our own stories and listen to others, to know we’re not alone, to know we’ve got this.

Yoga & Movement – Feel alive with yoga and movement. Learn to go with the flow and tap into mindfulness and your breath.

Mind-Bending Games – To look differently at what you think about the most; time, money, career and relationship. Get insight, get wise, get real.

Soul Card and view
Soul Card and view
Meditation  – Neurologically, we need space and time to sort through thoughts but our constant connection with technology is inhibiting us from just being. We’ll explore the science of wellbeing and true stillness with meditation and learn how it can be incorporated into your daily life.

Drumming and Body Percussion – The ultimate music and rhythm making experience. Embrace your inner rhythm, even if you believe you have none. Smile, drum, tap your feet and sing with joy.

Hearty & Healing Food – Direct from nature, we’ll prepare plant powered meals for nourishment and substance.

4 nights to retreat, recharge and rediscover!

Happy Buddha’s Transformation Retreat takes place in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains.

You’ll be staying at our communal house, nestled in the surroundings of Happy Buddha Retreats located at Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, NSW. You’ll have access to our pool (if you can brave the chill!), and local hikes during your stay.

The weekend is open to everyone. All you need is an open heart and a desire to live with passion and purpose. No meditation or yoga experience is required. If you’ve attended the Inner Joy retreat ~ this is a perfect opportunity to transform and level up your joy.

All workshops, meals and cosy twin-share accomodation is included

Things don’t change, we change… if we’re willing.

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