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So you’ve made a decision to attend your first health retreat and you’re really excited.  But at the same time, you’re feeling a little nervous and not sure how to get ready. No worries faithful reader, we’ve got 3 top tips that you can use to set yourself up for success.

Release All Expectations

The first thing you’ll want to do is stop thinking you’ll know what to expect at your health retreat.  Whether it’s at Happy Buddha outside of Sydney NSW or any other part of the world. Tip #1 is to clear your mind from wondering how it all will go.

The reason we recommend this first is because you want to go into your health retreat with a completely open mind.  If you arrive on day 1 thinking it should go this way or that… you’ll set yourself up for failure.

And that’s because your expectations will interfere with simply accepting “what is” at your health retreat and let it all soak in 100% with no filter.  Wipe the slate clean in your mind and get ready to embrace an amazing and perfect time.

Read A Book!

Now even though we just told you to release all expectations, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of preparation.  Depending on what type of health retreat you will be attending, there will be different activities you will be taking part in.

So why not swing by your local bookstore and pick up a book on one of those upcoming health retreat activities?  If you’re going to be joining us at Happy Buddha, you might grab a book on meditation.

Maybe this will be your first attempt at using meditation to enhance your health, so it makes sense to give yourself a bit of an intro… some background info.  This way you’ll walk into your first meditation session with a touch of confidence and ready to take it on with enthusiasm.

Just this little bit of “health retreat homework” can help put your mind at ease and increase your excitement for your upcoming adventure.

Cut Back A Little Bit

Now since we’re chatting about health here, we have to address where you might be at before you attend your health retreat.  Are you already active, well hydrated and have your diet locked down? Or maybe you’ve been hitting those fast food drive-thrus a bit more often than you’d like to admit… no worries at all.

Our 3rd tip is just to cut back a little bit… that’s all.  Don’t try to revamp your entire nutrition plan, start crushing out two-a-day workouts AND meditating for 3 hours in the morning.  That’s a fast track to you burning out before you even really start and set you back even further.

Instead cut back a little bit on those health habits you feel are not serving you right now.  Drink one less soda per day. Eat salad for lunch rather than your favorite double cheeseburger.  And why not go for a 30 minute walk instead of bingeing on one more TV episode.

As you prepare for your next health retreat, use these 3 top tips so you can get the maximum benefit from your experience.  Do that and you’ll walk in… and out… of your health retreat beaming with a mile wide gratitude grin!

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