Creating everyday magic is about embracing simple tools and practices that allow you to see the extraordinary in the ordinary…

From gratitude journals to nature exploration, music to meditation, there are countless tools which can infuse our days with extra meaning, joy and a touch of magic. So, we’ve compiled a few to centre and bring you back to yourself. Each provides a path for you to remember who you are — a spirit, and divine being connected to all there is; loved and full of love

1.    Colour therapy

Colours are so important. Each shade evokes emotions, particular memories, moods, frequencies and more. Ever felt glum, and looked at a fresh bunch of sun-like calendula flowers? Or imagine you felt bored with life, but consciously let your eyes take in the infinite brilliant shades of pink in the Barbie movie? You get the point. Colours, colour therapy, and indeed light therapy are powerful. Tip: choose your clothing colours intentionally, to enhance or reflect your mood. I tend to paint my nails yellow when I want a pick-me-up. If that’s too much, go with yellow flowers! Two birds with one stone here, as buying yourself flowers can truly be a self-loving act. Like the Miley Cyrus song goes…

2.    Gratitude

We’ll be advocates for the power of gratitude, any time. One of the simplest tools for creating everyday magic can be a gratitude journal. Or, making a daily ritual out of a morning/evening verbal or mental gratitude list. These acts can truly transform our perspectives on life. Gratitude catalyses focus on the positive aspects of existence, allowing us to see the magic in the ordinary. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset, a kind gesture – or seeing the silver lining in something we previously deemed ‘negative.’  Recognising, re-framing and appreciating these moments can make life feel that much richer.

3. Nature

Fresh air and earthy landscapes will always buoy the spirit. Connecting with nature, by whichever means (from sit spot to fabulous documentary?) you so choose, will always bring incredible benefits. Countless studies reveal that time in nature (given that we feel save), can be the perfect antidote for stress:  lowering blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reducing nervous system activity, enhancing immune system function and so on.  Accompanying a nature visit with movement, can help clear the head and eliminate unwanted thought loops. Plus, in approaching this with a child-like gaze – wee see that the natural world is full of beauty, mystery, and awe-inspiring moments. Try take a walk through the mossy trails of the mountains, sit by a serene lake, or simply gaze at the stars on a clear night. Nature has a way of reminding us of the profound magic that surrounds and holds us, if and when we take the time to notice.

4. Mindfulness

A bit of a buzz word, mindfulness practices are like the spells with the potential to evoke calm and clarity. By taking a few moments each day to quieten the mind, we can create a sense of inner peace and connection to the world around us… that follows us through the day. This can mean heightened awareness of the beauty and wonder in everyday moments, from the rustling of leaves to the taste our favourite meals. A ‘slowing down’ of the mind also means practising compassion becomes far easier, as we’re allowed the time to pause and respond (rather than react) to life’s unfoldings. Tips: Light a candle (like these made by yours truly), read a heart-opening book, meditate or try some yoga.

5. Create

Lastly, create, create, create! Opening up one’s artistic channel (or the sacral chakra) is one way to tap into creativity and express our inner selves. Whether we’re mindfully drawing, writing or crafting, these acts of bringing our imagination down into the physical world – will feel like their own kind of magic. Through art, we capture the essence of the world as we see it. We turn ordinary objects into sources of inspiration and joy.

It goes without saying that if you want to deepen or re-connect with the magic of life, we’re here