Don’t you want to get away?

I mean for real… like a weekend getaway where you do nothing but detach the stress ball in your brain. Where you disconnect from all your tech that seems to constantly wreck your creative flow. A location where “The Grind” is completely replaced by an attitude of gratitude.

These days more than ever, you want to master the art of detachment.  It is the key that unlocks the cage of your daily commute, your jam packed schedule and overwhelming stress.

But where can you begin to master this new skill set… this art of stepping away to step back into your core self?  Many times the most efficient way is by whisking yourself away to a short and sweet weekend getaway like the one you can find with Happy Buddha (or any other exquisite spot your heart desires).

So what are the key elements that will allow you to disconnect yourself from your current reality and embrace a sense of renewal?  They are the 3 M’s.. .and It begins with stillness.


Even though it seems that meditation is all the rage these days, there is no denying it’s magnificent effect on one’s ability to slow down and detach.  So don’t let all those stories of CEOs, start up entrepreneurs and Hollywood superstars bragging about their meditation practice deter you from the truth.

Meditation is not a fad.

It’s a fundamental tool to your search for separating yourself from all the noise of our modern world.  Even by dedicating a mere 5 to 10 minutes of this stillness practice to your daily routine can work wonders for your focus and mindset.

And if you’re unsure of how to even begin, attending a weekend getaway that features both high quality education and application of meditation techniques is a fast track to your progress.


Just move.  No matter how you do it… the key is to do it.

Getting your body into motion is one of the easiest ways to leave your worries in the dust.  In fact, studies for years have shown how getting yourself into some sort of movement or exercise can quickly release the buildup of toxins within the body.

The key is not to allow yourself to cause yourself more stress by wondering what type of movement to engage in.  It could be running, hiking, martial arts, pilates, weight training, yoga or even a simple walk.

Some weekend getaways provide a beautiful combination of yoga with an ability to wander for long walks in glorious nature surroundings.

And with that release through movement, your body is also letting go of pent up stress, anxiety and nerve wracking emotions.  I overheard once that sweat is simply your body releasing tears. Through movement you might detach from things you never knew were trapped within.


Mojo?  That’s right my friend, it’s time to get your mojo back!

One of the most liberating parts of mastering the art of detachment is unleashing your inhibitions.  And what better way to tap back into joy, fun and in general not giving a hoot about what’s expected of you then getting out of town for a weekend getaway.

By traveling away from your normal environment, you detach from all of people’s perceptions of you as well.

Once you leave home, you can dance like no one’s watching, sing loud (even if you never have before) or laugh and cry with an inspiring, supportive circle of new friends.

So just like Stella got her groove back in that romantic comedy, a weekend getaway can allow you to cut loose and live free as well.

Through the Art of Detachment, you can reconnect to your true self once again.