In our modern world, it seems that our pursuit of high achievement can sometimes detour us from true and lasting happiness.  But what if there was a way for you to use yoga to increase both?

Your Yoga Retreat: Downshift To Dominate

That’s right… in order for you to dominate like a beast in your business and career, we’re asking you to consider downshifting a bit.  To let the practice of yoga allow you to slow down your mind and put the brakes on your work ethic intensity.

Now if you’re an A type personality, this might be one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever take on in your life. To purposely step back can be almost against everything you hold dear. But trust us that diving into a yoga practice can unlock the doors to new levels of success.

The “Stopping Power” of Yoga

When you attend a yoga retreat like the one at Happy Buddha outside of Sydney NSW, you’ll have the unique chance to try out 3 different styles of yoga practice.  And through your attempts with all of them, one will stand out to you more than another.

More often than not, high achievers have a double-edged sword experience with yoga, especially the slower versions.  They always want to go, go and GO… and here yoga is asking them to STOP.

To stop and breathe deeply… stop and focus on clearing the mind… block out the never ending inputs and distractions of our modern world.  But it’s within the “stop” that you’re able to open new doors.

And behind those new open doors, fresh perspectives on how to power up your productivity arrive at the doorstep of your mind.  If you don’t allow yourself the chance to put on the brakes, you’ll simply keep on speeding past and lose out on brand new ways to dominate in your career.

Final Thoughts…

So if you’ve found yourself in a position where you’re struggling to create that next breakthrough in your business… then a yoga retreat could be your most unexpected solution for success.  Give yourself the gift of 3 days of yoga and you could be quite shocked as to what ideas might pop up out of nowhere.

Then head back into your career with a whole new clarity on how to crush it.  By using the power of a yoga practice you’ll quickly discover the answer to our opening question.

Success And Happiness… Can They Both Co-exist?

Most definitely!