Do this, do that, now do even more.

In our modern age, it seems that the ultimate goal is to never stand still for even one fleeting second.  And yet with all this “doing”… what are we becoming? It’s a tough question that many of us are desperate to answer.

But before we can attempt to answer that deep philosophical and mind melting question, we must first discover the resources that allow us to pursue it.

And this is where something as simple as a single yoga retreat might provide the portal.

Keep it simple

But why a yoga retreat? Why not a beach side holiday or an epic stay at a high end resort where you’re constantly pampered and treated as royalty?

Because in order to break free of the plague of “doing”… we must rediscover how to simply BE.

Yoga is a practice that is practically tailor made for just such an endeavor of the soul.

Now granted, there are numerous styles of yoga that all provide stress relief, reduce cortisol levels, increase flexibility in both body and mind as well as strengthen joints and ligaments. But in order for you to reveal the lies of doing, a particular type of yoga serves this need best.

That style of yoga is Yin.

Take your time

But with such a vast selection of yoga styles to choose from in this world, why does this particular one fit the bill so well?  Because it forces you to slowwwww dowwwwn.

When it comes the Yin style yoga, the goal is to sink deep into each particular asana (yoga posture) and maintain the position for at least 5 minutes or much longer.  These prolonged stances can only be held if one slows everything down piece by piece.

Your breath, your body and your mind.  All must join in a harmonious balance and attempting to “do more” will only make it worse.  Remember, this experience is about “being.” Now granted when you first begin attempting these postures during a yoga retreat, you will very much still feel that you are doing them.

And that’s very natural.  The key is to give yourself the opportunity to continue to move through each posture with a little more patience, slightly more relaxation and let the the mind be clear of the need to accomplish anything.

As you transition from one yoga posture to the next, you’ll begin to realize you’re not really trying to do anything at all.  You’re simply BEING. You just happen to BE at a health & yoga retreat.

Just as you could BE at your desk at work…

You could BE at home with your children…

And you could BE while standing in the middle of a sea of people in Sydney Central.

It is through this shift of being who we are moment to moment that allows us to remove all that doing nonsense from our lives.  Plus once we transition from the low energy output of doing aka task oriented living, we move quickly into high vibration expressions of our highest values.

So if you’re worn out from the constant pounding of your soul on the treadmill of DO…

Maybe it’s high time you remembered you only have to BE… YOU.