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Spring is here, and with it comes the energy of growth and renewal. Now is the time to make plans, take action and invite something new and wonderful into your life.

But wait, do you have space for anything new? Most of us juggle multiple commitments with little time to spare for ourselves and our dreams. We rush from one thing to another and we feel overwhelmed with responsibilities. Our inner worlds are no different. We make mental lists of things to do, regret the past, worry about the future and rarely give ourselves time to enjoy the moment.

If you crave change, yet, you’re struggling to fit it into your life, a spring retreat is exactly what you need. Here is how it can help you shed what is no longer right for you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Take time to rest

We all need time to replenish our energy. A spring retreat will give your mind a break from everyday thoughts and tasks. You’ll experience restful sleep in quiet surroundings. Spending a few days close to nature will soothe you and give you greater vitality.

Release tension from your body

When we’re stressed for long periods of time, our body holds a lot of tension, which prevents us from feeling at our best and being brave enough to embrace change. Yoga is a perfect way to release this tension, because, in this form of meditation in motion, you’re encouraged to listen to your body and choose your own variation depending on your unique needs in this moment.

Lighten your diet

Spring is about green, brightness and colours. At home, you don’t always have time to look for the freshest, healthiest produce and lovingly prepare meals. At a spring retreat, all this will be done for you. You’ll savour energising vegetarian food and take home great meal ideas to enjoy with your family long after you return.

Engage in new experiences

Often, while we wish for something different, we also resist it because we’re more comfortable with the familiar. How do we let go of this resistance? We try something new. Each new experience creates new synaptic connections in our brain and expands our comfort zone. What you do doesn’t have to be big and scary. Starting your day with yoga, taking part in a drumming circle, sharing your dreams with a supportive community: all this will help create space for the change you’re hoping for.

Recommit to your intentions

After a couple of days of relaxing, retreating inwards and listening to your body, you’ll find that everything unimportant fades away. Only what truly matters remains in your awareness. For you, it may be love, forgiveness, friendship, contribution, expression. Maybe, it’s something you’ve been searching for a long time or it can come as a complete surprise. The spring retreat will give you the clarity to pinpoint what you most desire to create in your life and (re)commit to those intentions.

Choose one of our spring retreats and make space into your life for new beginnings and flourishing spring energy.

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