‘Spring is nature’s way of saying: let’s party!’ – Robin Williams

Spring is officially here! With our departure from the cold winter months, this glorious season brings with it the energy of growth, change and renewal. Now is the time to make plans, take action and invite something new into your life.

We do understand that sometimes this is easier said than done. With the amount of commitments and relationships we juggle, sometimes there’s just not enough space or energy left for transformation.

This is where we come in. If you’re craving change, but are struggling to create form or space for it in your life… a spring retreat is exactly what you need. Below are a few ways that spring retreats can help you shed what no longer serves you, on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


We all need time to replenish our energy, but unfortunately it’s something that we tend to overlook. A spring retreat will give your mind and body a break, from everyday thoughts and tasks. You’ll experience the sense of peace which arises with spending time in nature and away from technology. You could go for a walk or swim, curl up with a book by the fireplace… or simply take a gigantic, well-deserved nap. Plus this is all in the beautiful Blue Mountains! At our retreats, being gentle with yourself is not only encouraged, it’s celebrated.


Over time when we’re stressed, our bodies begin to absorb and hold tension. Yoga is the perfect way to release this negative energy. A form of meditation in motion, you’re encouraged to truly listen to your body and choose your own variation, depending on your unique needs. A personal favourite, you’ll also experience Yin yoga! With this wonderful practice it’s no exaggeration to say you’ll almost immediately feel the tension melting away from your body.


Spring is all about green, freshness and colours. Sometimes at home we may not have time to look for the freshest, healthiest produce, or to lovingly prepare each and every meal. At a spring retreat, this is done for you. You’ll savour energising vegetarian food, and take home great recipe ideas to enjoy with your family.


Often, whist wishing for something different, we resist it because we’re more comfortable with the familiar. How do we let go of this resistance? We try something new. Each new experience creates new synaptic connections in our brain and expands our comfort zone. What you do doesn’t have to be big and scary. Starting your day with yoga, taking part in a drumming circle, sharing your dreams with a supportive community: all this will help create beautiful space for the changes you’re looking for.


After a couple of days relaxing, reconnecting with your inner world and listening to your body… a wonderful thing naturally occurs. Everything unimportant seems to fade away. You will likely feel a renewed sense of gratitude and infinitely lighter. Spring retreats give you the fresh sense of clarity needed to identify your desires, to commit to these intentions, and apply them upon re-entering your regular life.

spring retreat

Our spring retreats are the perfect opportunity to embrace this flourishing spring energy, and to make space for wonderful new beginnings. If this all sounds good, we would love to have you!

*Editors note: This blog was originally written in September 2018, but we’ve added to it.