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Sound Oasis Retreat

Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th of August 2018

You asked for it, a special retreat with more of all the things that you love about Happy Buddha!

Be immersed in a weekend of soulful music, sound healing, rhythmic workshops, restorative yin, deep meditation and bhakti yoga. Our Sound Oasis Retreat is a treat for the senses and unlike anything you will have experienced before! Embrace the rhythm of life and feel a true sense of peace, joy and connection.

We’ve been working on this new program for months and when you see what’s on offer, you will see why we’re so excited about this event!

Live Piano Concert and 7 Course Degustation Dinner – 2.5hrs

Classical Pianist, Katy Tsai and Happy Buddha Master Chef, Khanh Doan

The highlight of the Sound Oasis retreat will be an amazing 7 course degustation dinner with a matching musical performance exploring the seven energy chakras. Katy Tsai is an incredible classical pianist with over 36 years of experience, playing concert halls all over the world, and with three albums to her name. One of her most beautiful and healing works is the album Scarlet to Violet. An original seven track virtuoso composition which traverses through the seven chakras of our energy body. Matched to this exquisite musical performance will be a divine seven course degustation dinner created especially for this event. Our very own Master Chef, Khanh Doan, will lovingly prepare delicious delights to match each of the seven tracks. You’ll be nourished inside and out – total bliss for all the senses!

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – 60min

Olivia Penner-Wilson

To commence the retreat, we will be immersed in the mesmerising and healing vibrations of a sublime crystal bowl sound bath. Olivia Penner-Wilson is a dedicated crystal sound therapist who skilfully utilises the power of these amazing instruments for healing and meditation. Crystal singing bowls are only one of two instruments capable of producing a perfect sine wave, also known as pure tone. This perfect wave is capable of correcting imbalances in the human body through the process of resonance. The busyness of city life will be dissolved as we descend into the present moment and experience a heart opening meditation of unparalleled depth.

Body Percussion and Drumming Circle – 90min

Athil Singh and Simon Jankelson

Uniting and making music together connects us socially and spiritually -– and we believe this is vital for our well-being. You’ve experienced the unbridled joy and energy of our drumming circles with Athill during regular retreats, can you envisage what it would be like to heighten that feeling even further? Simon Jankelson from the Human Sound Project will be collaborating with his voice and body percussion expertise to create a session that will leave you feeling inspired, energised and connected on a whole new level.

Yin Yoga Class and Live Didgeridoo Sound Healing – 75min

Natalie Ristoski and Josh Oshlack

There’s nothing that restores and rejuvenates the body and mind quite like a yin yoga class with Natalie, the passionate founder of Living Flow Yoga in Ashfield, Sydney. Now imagine combining that with the healing sounds of a live didgeridoo from Josh Oshlack. Josh has been described as a ‘spiritual musician’ and ‘earth connector’. If you’ve never had a didgeridoo played directly over your heart this alone will be an unforgettable experience.

Meditation with Brain Wave Entrainment – 90min

Ethan Drozd

Have you ever wished there was a way to help calm your busy mind? The good news is, there is. Using sounds called isochronic tones it is possible to synchronise or “entrain” the brain to whatever frequency one desires. Brain wave entrainment is still a relatively new and little known breakthrough technology which helps to reduce stress and anxiety and bring the mind to a place of peace and calm. Ethan has been studying and practicing meditation and brainwave entrainment techniques for over 10 years. In this session you will have the opportunity to experience dropping into a deep meditative state that you will be able to effortlessly replicate outside of the retreat.

Live Kirtan and Sacred Chanting – 90min

Annabel Igoe and Kirtan Sydney

Kirtan, also known as Bhakti yoga, is another form of sound meditation. What’s so beautiful about this form of meditation is that it is effortless and joyful; the music does the work for you as you flow with the melody and rhythm. The songs are ancient mantras which have been chanted for thousands of years by yogis and devotees in India and contain a transformative power and healing energy. Annabel and her crew from Kirtan Sydney bring a wealth of experience and pure love to each event they hold. Prepare to be transported to a spiritual realm as we close the retreat with this highly revered sacred offering.

We only have 28 spots available and from the feedback we have received it will likely sell out very quickly. The full price for this amazing retreat is $649 per person but for a limited time we are offering two rounds of early bird specials:

SOLD OUT Super Early Bird | $549 per person, twin share | Until July 8th.


SOLD OUT Regular Early Bird | $599 per person, twin share | Until July 15th.


SOLD OUT Final round | $649 per person if available after July 15th.


Price includes (*exclusive to Sound Oasis Retreat):

  • Spacious accommodation for 2 nights with a private ensuite in each room
  • Live Piano Concert and 7 Course Degustation Dinner*
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing*
  • Body Percussion and Drumming Circle*
  • Yin Yoga Class and Live Didgeridoo Sound Healing*
  • Meditation with Brain Wave Entrainment*
  • Live Kirtan and Sacred Chanting*
  • Nourishing and delicious vegetarian meals prepared by our Master Chef – Khanh Doan
    • Afternoon tea on arrival on Friday
    • Dinner Friday night
    • Breakfast Saturday
    • Lunch Saturday
    • Afternoon tea Saturday
    • Degustation dinner Saturday night
    • Breakfast Sunday
    • Morning tea Sunday
  • 2 x 7am intermediate yoga classes (vinyasa style)
  • 2 x 8am general yoga classes (hatha style)
  • Self-guided bush walks (we have a gorgeous waterfall and lake all within easy walking distance)
  • Plus plenty of smiles and loads of laughter!

Check-in is from 4.30pm on Friday 3rd of August and check-out is 1pm on Sunday 5th of August.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not select the private room upgrade ($199) on the checkout page as this is not available for this special retreat. We want as many people to have the opportunity to attend this retreat so all but two of the rooms are twin share.

We have made two private solo rooms available for this retreat which are priced at $899 each for anyone really wanting to have their own room.

SOLD OUT Super Early Bird | $549 per person, twin share | Until July 8th.


SOLD OUT Regular Early Bird | $599 per person, twin share | Until July 15th.


SOLD OUT Final round | $649 per person if available after July 15th.


Once the retreat is sold out please email: info@happybuddharetreats.com.au to be placed on the waiting list.

Program Outline


4:30 pm – Check-in / Afternoon tea

7:00 pm – Dinner

8:00 pm – Opening Circle

8:30 pm – Crystal Bowl Sound Healing (Olivia Penner-Wilson)

9:30 pm – Whisper Time


7:00 am – Vinyasa Yoga

8:00 am – Hatha Yoga

9:00 am – Breakfast

10:00 am – Meditation with Brain Wave Entrainment (Ethan Drozd)

11.30 am – Free Time

1:00 pm – Lunch

2:00 pm – Body Percussion and Drumming Circle (Athil Singh and Simon Jankelson)

3:30 pm – Free Time / Afternoon Tea

5:00 pm – Yin Yoga and Live Didgeridoo Sound Healing (Natalie Ristoski and Josh Oshlack)

6:15 pm – Free time

7:00 pm – Live Piano Concert and 7 Course Degustation Dinner (Katy Tsai and Khanh Doan)

9:30 pm – Whisper Time


7:00 am – Vinyasa Yoga

8:00 am – Hatha Yoga

9:00 am – Breakfast

10:00 am – Live Kirtan and Sacred Chanting (Annabel Igoe and Kirtan Sydney)

11:30 am – Morning Tea – Bliss Balls and Chai!

12:00 pm – Closing Circle

1:00 pm – Check Out

$549 pp – Twin share – Super Early Bird


$599 pp – Twin share – Early Bird


$649 pp – Twin share – Final Round


$899 – Private Solo Room – (Only 2 rooms available)


PLEASE NOTE: Do not select the private room upgrade ($199) on the checkout page as this is not available for this special retreat. If you are coming alone and would like a private room please book via the $899 private solo room link.

Some photographs from our previous event…

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