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Creating from a place of Being, not Doing

So, it is a new year. 2019! Wow. Time for a new, fresh you. Everything is full of possibility and it’s time to turn over a new leaf, to make those dreams of your come true.

This is all wonderful, and though it is pretty much an arbitrary date, set by a calendar, which is a human imposition on the natural world and is time-based, still, there is real energy at this time of the year that supports your transformational efforts and your creative efforts.

But keep in mind – each and every day is a good day for turning over a new leaf and building your dreams!

There are a few things that are useful to take into consideration when we come to setting our intentions and making plans for our goals to be realised.

Firstly – be kind to yourself. Always. Failure is also a part of life, and when you really consider it in the big scheme of things – there is no real failure. This life of ours is not a competition. There is no ultimate goal. There are no official boxes that you need to tick or obstacles that you need to jump in order to get to the finish line. It is a cliché but life is all about the journey. And the real ‘success’ in anyone’s life is actually the growth process. And you generally grow more from so-called ‘failure’ than from so-called ‘success’. So – be kind to yourself always, wherever you think you are on the ‘success’ ‘failure’ spectrum.

Setting intentions and setting goals is a great idea because it gives you something concrete to work towards in your life. But being fixated of your goals could actually get in the way of your growth. Because sometimes you desperately want something for yourself, and life desperately wants to give you something else. Which may be a greater and more expansive thing than the thing you were aiming for.

The Taoist story of the farmer and the horses is a wonderful example of this:

There is a wise old farmer who lives on a mountain farm nearby a village with his family. One day, a wild horse comes to his farm. The villagers say to the farmer – ‘Oh wonderful luck! A new horse for you!’ and the farmer replies: ‘Good luck, bad luck, who knows?’.

The next week, the horse runs away and the villagers say to the farmer: ‘Oh, bad luck, that new horse of yours is gone!’ And the farmer replies: ‘Good luck, bad luck, who knows?’

After some time, the horse returns, with a whole lot of other wild horses. And the villagers say: ‘Oh wonderful news! You now have many horses!’ and the farmer says: ‘Good news, bad news, who knows?’

Then one day his son, while breaking in the wild horses, falls off a horse and breaks his leg. The villagers again say, ‘Oh, bad luck, we are sorry for you’ and the farmer replies: ‘Good luck, bad luck, who knows?’.

The next week the country enters a war, and soldiers come to the village looking for young men to recruit to the army. The farmer’s son is not taken because he has a broken leg. And the villagers say: ‘Oh, what good luck!’…

And so you get the picture. We don’t really know what is good luck and what is bad luck. Most of the fun is in the journey. So we set our intentions and our goals, but we stay open for new opportunities from left field that may come along on the way.

What is important in terms of achieving our goals and really bringing out our best is the energy that we bring to our creations.

Are we creating from an energy of striving, where we are desperate for X or Y to happen because if not we will think of ourselves as a failure? Or are we creating from an energy of being – where we are relaxing deep in our core, and from that place we allow what wants to be created to come through? The kind of energy we bring to our creations will really make the difference in the quality of what we create, whether it is a scrumptious dinner for friends, or a huge mosaic on a wall.

In terms of our intention setting, given that most (if not all) our doing is usually motivated by the feeling states that we want to experience, a good place to start with our intentions for the year is what feeling states to we want to be in?

This year I intend to feel:

  • Joyful
  • Happy
  • Connected to myself and in my relationships
  • Loved and Loving
  • Fulfilled
  • Expansive and spacious
  • Prosperous

With these as our intended feeling states we can then work out which goals are more likely to bring about more of these intended feeling states.

So, though working in a job you don’t like that much but that earns you lots of money may make you feel prosperous on a financial level, will you feel prosperous on a soul level through this work? Is it possible that true prosperity might be changing jobs to something that fulfills you so that you can feel prosperous on a creative and a financial level?

And after all, when we are doing something that we really enjoy and that is really aligned with who we have come to be in this lifetime, we are more likely to be noticed and promoted, or win more business if we are in business for ourselves.

This is because our life energy will be higher, and a positive energy – a good vibration, is what attracts all of the good things into our life.

Here are two questions to start guiding you through a Journaling Practice

  1. What feeling states you would like to be in more of the time in 2019?
  2. What are the concrete actions that you can take to feel more of these optimal feeling states in 2019?

Wishing you a wonderful start to 2019, and remember every single day is a great day for reviewing your intentions and setting new intentions and goals for yourself. And remember also to surrender to the magic of life. Remember that ultimately, we are not in control here. And that is a good thing. Life just may have some incredible gift in store for you in 2019 that is beyond the scope of your imagination! YESSSSSS! 🙂