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Inner Joy

Inner Joy

It’s time! It’s finally time to leave your worries, to-do lists and stresses behind. Get full 24 hours of the day to pamper yourself, dive deep into your mind and emotions and see where you stand in the life-work-relationship-health-harmony continuum.Our team of experienced yoga teachers welcomes anyone from an absolute beginner to a daily devotee. You’ll be free to go at your own speed.
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Day Mediation Retreat

If you don’t have a full weekend to spare, then come experience a day of relaxation, rejevunation and bliss.
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Contrary to popular belief, life isn’t a treadmill or a busy street with never-ending green lights. It is wise to periodically step back and retreat from the world. This is the ultimate act of self-love. It will reawaken your deepest sense of knowing. Allow quiet time to heed the spontaneous callings of your spirit.

At Happy Buddha Retreats you will be offered a sacred space in which to experience gentle guidance, stillness and vastness. Unplug and retreat to find out what really matters in life again.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga: For Every Body

Our ashtanga yoga retreats are perfect for young, old, beginner, and advanced yogis. If you prefer the Donna Farhi, Synergy or Iyengar yoga practices; we offer weekend sessions devoted to these yoga practices as well.

Instructor Athill Singh provides gentle and supportive guidance through each asana movement and breath. He quietly guides us, so that we find our unique rhythm and awaken our nadis or energy channels in the body. Free from striving, we will find lightness and ease in the body. Allow your breath and the interplay of movement and stillness to unlock quiet wisdom and peace.

During our yoga practice at Happy Buddha Retreats, we will experience a variety of interesting asana sequences to learn, refresh and deepen our practice. By listening to the flow of the breath, movement and stillness we open up to all that is enriching and supportive to well-being.


Meditation: Mindfulness Through the Breath

Through the ongoing practice of meditation, we can glimpse inside at our deepest selves and open up like a lotus flower to embrace ourselves with love. Whether you are wanting individual meditation instruction or guided meditation, we offer courses that will strengthen your meditation practice.

Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness practice trickles into everything we do at Happy Buddha Retreats. When we embody moments of rest and activity fully and mindfully, we awaken to what it means to be fully human.

Meditation Through Movement

Dance: Meditation Through Movement

Dance is an opportunity for us to reignite our physical and emotional intelligence and discover a new force of creative expression. Whoever you are and your age, dancing brings back your passion for life through movement, mindfulness and shamanic practice. Explore your inner joy through movement in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment with Happy Buddha Retreats.

Drumming Circle

Drumming Circle: Connect to An Energising Frequency

A drumming circle taps into a universal language that is beyond words. It works in tandem with the spirit world and allows people to experience energy flow, harmony, clarity and euphoria. A community of like-minded individuals will all tune into the same frequency and drum as one. It’s an incredibly healing and energising ritual. A magical way to experience meditation through music.

Vegetarian Cooking Classes

Gratitude Food: Vegetarian Cooking Classes

There is a unique kind of joy in preparing, cooking and serving food. At Happy Buddha we believe that wholesome food is the key to nourishing your mind and body. It’s also immensely pleasurable and social. We should be grateful for the food we eat. With this in mind we only source organic and ethically-produced vegetarian foods. Our resident culinary maven Kylie is a whiz with a blender and everything else in the kitchen. She instructs guests based around their dietary requirements including delicious gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and grain-free recipes. Leave the weekend with an abundance of culinary inspiration and a healthy, full tummy.


Surfing: Harnessing Physicality and The Raw Power of the Ocean

The ocean is a sacred place. Worshipped by many ancient tribes including the indigenous custodians of this land the Aboriginal people. Come with us and contemplate your place in the cosmos as you submerge yourself in the vast ocean. Our guided surfing and swimming activities are the perfect way to get in touch with raw and wild underwater magic. A place full of natural miracles and spiritual solace.

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  • Most retreats are located in Killcare Beach NSW
  • Happy Buddha is a short drive from Sydney’s North Shore