Can you really have the best of both worlds?  Is it possible for you to skip town off to a wellness retreat and simultaneously sink into a world of relaxation while rejuvenating your spirit?  Thankfully the answer is an unequivocal yes!

Where do you start?

These days there are a wide range of destinations worldwide that provide you the opportunity to kick back and chill in order to leave your daily worries behind.  How might you relax and rejuvenate? Well that’s completely up to you of course.

For some it’s as simple as settling into a comfy chair on a wooden deck and devouring a great novel.  For others it’s long naps in a hammock with the gentle tones of the ocean gliding around them.

Or it could be hiking down the natural landscape to Water Nymph’s Dell and being surrounded by an endless Blue Mountain forest. (This last example is just one of the perks of attending a Happy Buddha retreat outside of Sydney NSW).

Now when it comes to the rejuvenation part of this question, again the possibilities are endless.

How do you tap back in?

Feel the surge of energy hit your whole body as you partake in Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin style yoga classes.  Feel your entire being lit up inside as you nourish it with home cooked vegetarian meals that burst with flavor like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Or maybe you rejuvenate through the camaraderie of brand new friendships.  Connecting with fellow souls needing the same combination of downtime and igniting a fire within long lost.

The energetic exchange that occurs between like minded people gathered at a wellness retreat is almost impossible to define.

You are always worth it

Unfortunately for most people, there is a deep seeded aching of not deserving to experience a time of r and r. It’s far too common for the majority of us to feel that there is only time for work, work and oh yes more work.

Taking time off?  Not an option.

But what most fail to realize is that without investing adequate time to relax and rejuvenate, high productivity and crafting excellence in your life is virtually impossible.  It is only through dedicating time to slow down that you can maintain the speed of success long term.

So ask yourself this simple question… don’t you deserve to live fully and express your highest self to the world?

And without giving yourself the gift of an uplifting and soothing wellness retreat, how will you ever achieve your inner most dreams and goals?

Relax and Rejuvenate… you’ve always deserved it.

Now embrace it as your reality.