Are you feeling sluggish as you return to work after lunch?  Do you feel more aches and nagging pains then you have before?  Or does your body feel like a tightly coiled spring of stress ready to burst?  If so, it might be time to put your health puzzle back together again.

What Pieces Are You Missing?

When it comes to your overall wellness, it goes way beyond simply “eating right and working out.”  That’s old school thinking and doesn’t help you address the challenges of living in balance in our modern world.

There are multiple pieces that make up your complete health puzzle.  And in order to put them all together and stay in sync… it’s best to leverage a wide variety of resources.  One of the best ways to put this into fast action would be to attend an invigorating health retreat like Happy Buddha.

For one of the first steps you’d want to take on solving your health puzzle is to first discover what pieces you’re already missing.

By attending a health retreat, you’re able to learn from multiple teachers (as well as your fellow students).  Plus you’ll be able to ask the deeper questions regarding truly balanced health… questions you might not even ask your family doctor.

Through attending a health retreat, you’re able to first determine what’s missing in order to discover what your focus should be next.

Healing And Leaving The Splintered Life Behind You

These days the idea of being healthy has become somewhat twisted.  Ask 10 different people what they define as a healthy lifestyle… and you’ll likely get 10 different responses.

For some it’s all about cardiovascular training like running or biking.  For others there is only room for hardcore resistance training. While still others rely on little to no exercise and simply consume organic foods.  So if you’re seeking to maximize your health, you can see how confusing reaching out for guidance can be.

The challenge being that most of us are living a “splintered life.”  Waking up each morning being pulled in a million different directions.  In our mindset, our jobs, our families and our spirituality. And this unfortunate scattering of thought bleeds over into our health as well… leaving us confused and frustrated.

But by attending a short and sweet health retreat (hey that rhymed pretty nicely :)… you’re able to pull the pieces back together again and find your focus.  So what are these pieces that can bring back harmony to your health?

Keeping The Main Thing… The Main Thing

Now whether you attend a Happy Buddha retreat or somewhere else, you should always seek to find one that has a singular focus.  No matter how many activities might be offered, there should be a constant endgame… and that is to get back to balance with your health.

For instance outside of Sydney NSW, you’ll find our retreat provides you 3 styles of yoga to energize and invigorate the physical body.  Which is then combined with breathing techniques and the practice of meditation to still the mind.

Cleansing nutrition is provided through home cooked vegetarian meals.. Fresh!  You’ll tap back into a sense of community by sharing time, conversations and laughs with your fellow students.

And of course one of the greatest benefits to a health retreat is the rejuvenation of being in nature.  Whether it be strolling along soft grassy paths near a calming waterfall or lying down near a pristine lake staring at the deep blue sky.

But through all of these activities, the main thing is balance and harmony.  No one thing is greater than the other… it all flows as one. The individual pieces don’t make the puzzle.

Bringing them all together as one and the same is what reveals the true beauty.