Spring Yin Masterclass

Spring Yin Masterclass | Sunday November 24


Join Courtney Louise for this 2 hour therapeutic dive into all things Yin! A chance to deepen awareness and breath to passively held floor postures in aim to increase circulation, flexibility and compliment all things yang!!

The practice will focus on held, grounding shapes targeting the liver and gallbladder meridians to support the bodies natural digestive functions to detox and renew as we blossom into this new season. This is a 2-hour workshop focusing on yin postures to open the hips, pelvis and lower spine. 

Why Yin?
-students will experience a sense of release
-surrender as the entire body regulates to its normal energy flow
-leaving feeling rested, revitalised and grounded
-benefits include – slowing respiration and slowing of heart rate and blood pressure
-restores natural mobility
-energetically opens up the body’s meridian system enhancing emotional alignment
-assisting with digestive problems, insomnia, asthma, mental disturbances and fatigue
-increasing and maintaining range of motion
-leaving the practice with a lightness within mind and body

Note: the practice is suitable for all ages, for those who are beginning their yoga practice, intermediate and advanced practitioners.
Modifications will be offered throughout the workshop 😊

Sunday 24th November at 2:15pm – 4:15pm

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