We all dream of month-long getaways… but if you feel like you can’t be inspired by a one-day escape, we can prove you wrong.

It may not always be feasible to fly across the globe to unwind at a Yoga Retreat. Sometimes it’s just too hard to find the time. Still, gifting ourselves a day of space is often the perfect way to rediscover inspiration. Even the shortest of intentional breaks can go a long way in clearing the mind, managing stress, igniting a sense of play and re-establishing balance in ourselves. We’ve outlined some of the other major perks below.


1. It’s about you.

Waking up on the day of your retreat, you’ll have a moment to pause – to tune into your intentions. Why are you attending? What are you hoping to gain… or release? 

Often in our regular lives, our intentions become cluttered. When we’re juggling kids, relationships and work – it can become difficult to find space to prioritise our own sense of wellbeing.But great news; a one-day retreat offers exactly this. The day is for yourself.

Getting ready to leave the house and stepping out the door; you’re on your own journey. Your senses and anticipation are heightened. You’re feeling good nervous. Imagining the next hours that are about to unfold, you’ll realise that today has been curated for you. It’s your day – one to rest, release and recharge.


2. The fact that it’s about you, is okay!

How amazing would it be to spend a whole day focusing on yourself, without worrying or feel guilty? Liberating right? One-day retreats celebrate a prioritisation of yourself, your happiness and your inner world. Plus, scheduling in this little break means you’ll move things around to guiltlessly fit it in. You’ll be back home and cosy by night time, feeling refreshed to re-enter regular life the following day.


3. You’ll slow it down, and zoom in.

In our time together things will slow down… in a beautiful way. Sessions like restorative yoga and sound circle will teach you tools that soothe the mind. You’ll be left feeling more mindful, present, and able to enjoy even the finer details of life.

4. You’ll envision

The Happy Buddha vision boarding sessions are a chance to let intuition, creativity and the universe work their magic. You’ll be presented with an abundance of magazines, colourful scrap-booking materials and asked to create a collage of your innermost desires. What a treat right?

This powerful activity will help you to carry the benefits of your one-day retreat into your regular life moving forward. Studies have shown that the power of visualisation is incredible in helping us achieve our goals. So, here’s your chance to get productive and creative! We promise you’ll have fun, and when you’re done – pop your board up at home to inspire you daily!


5. You’ll find rhythm

A unique feature of our half or one day programs are rhythmic meditations These combine meditation, music, teamwork and fun. These sessions are also a wonderful chance to play. Here, we naturally revert to feeling like children in music class, giggling and excited to see our improvement in team exercises. There is something seriously satisfying about staying in rhythm as a group! Plus, using the natural rhythm innate within all humans – music has the beautiful ability to become a gateway into a space of meditative focus. It allows us to slide into presence, in a natural, seamless way.


6. You’ll Connect

Upon arriving at your one-day retreat, you’ll first be met with warmth by the beautiful staff. Then, what better place to find like-minded connections? Going through any type of retreat as a group is a beautiful, bonding experience. As well as your own joy – you’ll be able to witness the unique gifts that everyone else takes away from this special, shared time.

We’ve recently revised this program to be an accessible half-day workshop with creativity and connection! Get Your Happy Back Workshop is all about rekindling our passions and zest for life. In other words, igniting that inner spark. If this speaks to you, we would love to have you. Check out our Get Your Happy Back Workshop – held at various venues in Sydney, Blue Mountains and other locations!