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Men’s Meditation Camp Retreat


Reignite the fire in your belly…

It’s a busy, crazy and complex world we are all in at the moment. We are often burning the candle at both ends, endlessly connected to our devices. We’re running on adrenaline. Our minds are racing and we’re finding less time for our loved ones ~ and ourselves.
Here’s how Happy Buddha Retreats can help you change this…
Women at Lunar Ladies Womens Retreat

Isn’t it time to unearth your true nature? To regroup, recharge and reset?

A men’s only retreat in the healing Blue Mountains

Created for men, by men.

Picture this: Three days of camping, nature immersion, meditation and nourishment ~ where you rediscover that fire in your life again!

Imagine gathering with men who feel the same way. Men you don’t have to impress. Men you’re not in competition with. Men seeking some time out from the daily grind…men like you.

Retreater perched in tree

“To be a really strong person, you have to make time for inner development.” ~ Jack Kornfield

Soul Card and view

Introducing a unique Men’s Meditation Camp Retreat

Time out. Time off. In your own time.

This is a weekend camp-style retreat, nestled in the surroundings of Happy Buddha Retreat located at Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, NSW.

At night, you’ll sleep under the stars. Wake up to nature and a spectacular sunrise. We’ll gather around the campfire, find nourishment in great food, company and connection. Learn new ways to tackle your racing mind. Take refuge in self-care. Take respite in just being.

2-Night Men’s Meditation Camp Retreat

An inspiring camp-style weekend retreat inclusive of your swag, access to shared amenities, meals and transformative workshops!

A men’s-only retreat for deep connection and meditation insights.
Held on selected weekends in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains.

Women's sharing and creative circle

A true journey for your body, mind and soul…


Drumming & Rhythm – Calling forth time-honoured ways of experiencing the rhythm of life, of getting out of our heads, and feeling the earth beneath our feet.

Story Telling & Fire – After building a fire from scratch we will hear stories from times past; ancient truths whose wisdom we can call upon to guide us. And we’ll share our own stories and listen to others, to know we’re not alone, to know we’ve got this.

Saunas & Ice Baths – Turning tribal ways into medicine for the modern man. Getting primal again, using fire and ice to revitalise our system back to balance, to release and detoxify ~  feeling alive again.

Mind-Bending Games – To look differently at what you think about the most; time, money, career and relationship. Get insight, get wise, get real.

Soul Card and view
Soul Card and view

Meditation  – Neurologically, we need space and time to sort through thoughts but our constant connection with technology is inhibiting us from just being. We’ll explore the science of wellbeing and true stillness with meditation and learn how it can be incorporated into your daily life.

Movement – Get back into the physicality of your body, feel, flow and find self-awareness through movement and yoga. Hike the surrounding landscape and waterfalls in your free time.

Hearty & Healing Food – Direct from nature, cooked in nature over an open fire, and served with love. Plant powered meals with substance (even for meat eaters!)

A weekend retreat to recharge (and rediscover!)

Happy Buddha’s Men’s Meditation Camp Retreat takes place in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains.

We’ve purpose-built a camp, nestled in the surroundings of the retreat centre, where you’ll be staying in swags on dedicated wooden platforms. You’ll have access to shared amenities but most of your time will be spent in the great outdoors! We’ll be cooking delicious campfire meals. You’ll have access to our pool (if you can brave the chill!), and local hikes during your stay.

The weekend is open to men from age 21. All you need is an open heart, a desire to get back to basics, and to let yourself reset, recharge, and reignite the fire in your belly. No meditation experience is required.

All workshops, meals and comfy camp swag included.

We recommend you pack wet weather gear, a jacket, hiking boots, comfy clothes, a yoga mat and a pillow. This is a tech-free retreat!

Unearth a desire to create more harmony in your life and emerge with a deeper understanding of what happiness means to you.

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