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Practice Beginners, Align, Flow and Yin Yoga. All levels welcome!

Casual classes at Yoga Blue Mountains

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We’re located at Happy Buddha Retreats in Wentworth Falls and offer various yoga offerings to locals ~ including Beginners, Align, Flow and Yin.

Retreaters – you don’t need to sign up or register here. Your yoga schedule may differ and is included in your chosen retreat program 🌈

(Sibo’s drumming classes are $30 per class and payable to him direct at the venue.)

A class to suit everyone


Our Beginners classes are a perfect introduction to the foundational movements of yoga. Based around a theme or a posture, these classes offer slow vinyasa sequences which are accessible to those completely new to yoga, or those who prefer to practice the foundations. If you’re an intermediate or advanced practitioner, we encourage you to occasionally sign up to these so you can practice with a ‘beginners’ mindset, learn to let go and slow down and refine the foundations of your practice.

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Flow classes can be described as movement linked with breath. The beauty of this style is the variety: each teacher crafts postures together so that you move from one to to the next using breath. These classes are quite dynamic and will lift your heart rate. They will help you slip into a moving meditation that benefits the body and mind. Open to all levels. Our Beginners class is also a Flow class suitable for those new to yoga.


Align classes focus on the structural and precise alignment of the physical body in the different Asanas. Align classes often make use of props, such as belts, blocks, and blankets. Poses are held for long periods of time in order to progressively intensify the depth of the posture. This fosters greater alignment and awareness in your yoga practice. Open to all levels.

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Yin Yoga

Yin classes consists of passive floor poses which are stable and held from 2 to 7 minutes. Our teachers will guide you through this meditative practice which allows you to observe physical sensation while slowing the system completely. During the class you will notice a focus on the hips, thighs and spine enabling a stretch in the connective tissue while the muscles relax. Open to all levels.

Yoga Blue Mountains Offerings & Pricing

All passes are for our yoga offering and do not include Sibo’s drumming classes. You simply need to book in and pay him on the day.

New to the yoga studio? Start with an Introductory pass 🌈

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment & Passes

I’m new to Yoga what are the costs?

We have two Introductory Passes you can choose from – both are unlimited yoga and are 2 weeks for $49 or 6 weeks for $99. You may also choose to try a class or attend at our $20 casual class rate or try a 10-Class Pass.

How do I purchase the Introductory Offer?

You can buy your Intro Pass or Membership via our Mind Body Online booking platform. You also make payment on arrival of your first class. Simply click on a class in our timetable you would like to attend and you’ll be prompted to sign up and choose a pass.

What sort of payment do you accept in-studio?

Online via card please.

How do I purchase the 10-Class Pass?

Simply purchase online or via the Mind Body Online app.

Do I have to pre-book before attending a class?

Yes please. We encourage students to pre-plan your schedule you can do this via our Timetable or Mind Body Online. We’re happy for you to turn up to the studio if you’ve made the decision last minute to join a practice.‬

Is yoga suitable for me?

I've never done yoga before. Can I still attend?

Yes!! At Yoga Blue Mountains we believe yoga is for everyone and have a variety of classes for you to explore. Please let your yoga teacher know of any injuries or medical conditions prior to class.

Which classes should I attend?

We recommend attending whatever classes suit your schedule. Beginners and Yin are an excellent place to start.

I'm injured, can I still do yoga?

We recommend getting clearance from your Health Care Professional first and then let your Yoga teacher know prior to class.

I'm not flexible, can I still do yoga?

Yes, we all start somewhere. Yoga is about so much more than just flexibility. Come along and discover the many benefits of yoga; calming, revitalising, relaxing, gaining physical and mental strength and flexibility, finding peace of mind and so much more…

Your first visit

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in..

Do I need to bring my own mat?

We have complimentary mats available for use. Alternatively feel free to bring your own mat along to practice on.

Arrival time?

Please arrive before class start time as classes start promptly.

The studio

Where are you?

We are located at 52 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782. The studio is located inside the grounds of Happy Buddha Retreats. Entrance to the studio is via the side where you will see our casual classes sign.

Where should I park?

Please park at the top car park which is on your right as you enter the driveway and the other is just outside the main building.

What facilities are available?

Bathrooms are on the premises, however we do not have showers.

Are the classes heated?

The studio is heated in winter to a comfortable temperature. In hot weather the studio is air-conditioned.

Can I pop in at any time to see the studio?

Our studio opens 15 min before each class start time so if you’d like to visit our space we suggest coming along around class times.‬

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