When people think of yoga, the first thing that comes to mind is impressive flexibility and body contorting postures.  But did you know that stretching with a yoga practice can help you also push beyond your limiting beliefs?

Stretching For Success

If you’re like most people, you’re constantly seeking new ways in order to push your limits so you can create great achievements.  But in that search, many times you can discover a wide range of limiting beliefs rattling around in your head and heart.

Do you have what it takes to hit that next sales goal?  Are you capable of keeping focus on healthy eating for the long term when you’ve never done it before?  Is it possible for you to embrace a new way of thinking around facing uncomfortable conversations even though you’ve always avoided confrontation?

In order for you to move beyond any of these limiting beliefs, it will require you to stretch.  And one of the absolute best ways to do this literally and figuratively is through attending a yoga retreat.  To put yourself through 3 days of various yoga classes in order to embrace your ability to stretch beyond your previous programming.

Pushing Through With Postures

Now if you have even the smallest amount of knowledge about yoga, you’ve heard that they involve stretching through and holding various postures.  And it is through these movements that you’ll be able to release those limiting beliefs.

Let’s dive into a few examples to drive this point home.

Maybe you’ve been told most of your life that people in your family can never stick to a routine when it comes to improving overall health.  They might hang tough for a day, maybe two, but never more than that.

By attending a retreat like Happy Buddha, you could break free of that programming in just 3 days.  Because during that weekend you’ll participate in up to 5 yoga classes covering 3 different styles.

And while you’re stretching past your limiting beliefs from one class to another, you’ll have an empowering community with you to help push you through challenges.

In that one weekend, you’d prove to yourself that you can stick to a routine of self care around your health… family history be damned!

Stretch Your Money Mindset

Or maybe you’ve carried limiting beliefs around how much money you can make in your career.  That no matter what, you only have the skill sets and capabilities to earn a certain maximum amount.  So how could yoga help you stretch beyond that mindset?

By simply holding that one challenging yoga posture one minute more than you thought you ever could.  To tell yourself that no matter what, you’ll settle in and hold that yoga stretch for at least 5 minutes when you’ve never gone one second longer than four.

It will be within that extra 60 seconds of time, just that one minute, that’ll you’ll prove to yourself that you have all of the strength, focus and ability to expand what’s possible in your life.  And that includes receiving much more abundance than you’ve ever dreamed of in the past.

The Final Stretch

The key is to understand that taking on the practice of yoga allows you to radically increase flexibility in all areas of your life.  With each new stretch and posture, you have the chance to expand every horizon.

Whether it be tapping back into your spirituality, empowering your body to better health or realizing your profit potential in business is unlimited… yoga can provide the tools.

Keep stretching, keep growing and keep shining bright for the world to see.