“Your attention is your currency, practice how you spend it, save it, give it.” – Elena Brower

Living with Intention

This morning a kookaburra sat on my veranda for close to an hour. He was completely still – but far from idle – his attention never strayed from the soil, where he knew worms and insects must be hiding. Sure enough, his perseverance paid off and one swoop later he had claimed his breakfast.

If part of intentional living is filtering out life’s leaf litter and distractions to pursue what nourishes you, then it seems kookaburras have it down pat!  

But sometimes, living intentionally is more than just looking for worms – it is about finding your WHY, and aligning your actions with your core values.

Here are five ways you can bring more intention into your life:

1. Realise You Have Choices

Instead of living each day, many of us are simply reacting to it. But what if you committed yourself to living on purpose? This might be choosing to enjoy the sound of the rain instead of wishing for it to stop, or calling that friend you’ve wanted to reconnect with – daily action adds up.

2. Stop Comparing

Focus on your own strengths instead of worrying about what others are achieving – embrace that your path is unique and your own. Whilst the early bird may catch the worm, this is useless advice for the night owl!

3. Define Your Core Values

Your values are the roadmap that leads you to a rich, rewarding life. Start by writing a list of things that make you come alive and promise to make them a priority.

4. Align With Others Who Share Those Values

Connecting with people and brands that share your vision can be empowering. At Happy Buddha, we’ve recently chosen to stock thankyou products and Who Gives a Crap toilet paper in every room to support companies that help the environment and give back to the community – something we’re all about too!

5. Practice Gratitude Daily

When we check in with what we’re grateful for, we realise what we already have in our lives that we need to cherish and foster. Daily reflection keeps us encouraged, inspired and grounded.

Surrounded by mountains at Happy Buddha Retreats, we know that nature is our wisest teacher. So, to take a leaf out of the laughing kookaburra’s book, we intend to: stay consistent, set our eyes on our goals and swoop down on that which feeds us and keeps us laughing!



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