Namaste! It's time to plan your Spring retreat 🌿🌸




Harness the power & wisdom of Ancient Warrior Arts through Mei Padam and Karalakatai

This 2-night retreat is a transformative program to tap into your inner warrior, heal from inside out and to feel connected back to what matters to you.


Movement and healing

Harness self awareness and vitality through breathwork and movement

We’ll start with exploring Mei Padam, an ancient Indian warrior art form which translates to ‘Body Lessons’ in Tamil. Breathwork is also key to this practice ~ simple techniques calm your nervous system and enliven your energetic body.

The beauty of this practice is in its simplicity. Absolutely anyone can do these movements.

And during the retreat you can witness Karalakatai ~ the advanced form of warrior art related to Mei Padam ~ being demonstrated. It’s incredibly powerful to see this in action.

Potent practices for healing

  • Increases energy flow through meridian channels
  • Invites greater levels of self awareness
  • Strengthens your body and mind
  • Detoxifies organs and flush out stagnant energy
  • Provides special breathing techniques to balance your mind
  • Reduces stress & anxiety, supports you to sleep better
  • Helps with injury recovery


Blue Mountains landscape and young woman meditating
Reach YOUR potential!
Feel more energised with clarity on how you want to live your life.
Blue Mountains landscape and young woman meditating

Passion and purpose

Be guided by Rajan Mahesh

Rajan is a Karma Yogi at heart with an energy and passion for healing and health.  Rajan is a qualified Karlakattai & Mei Padam practitioner and can’t wait to share this space and connect with you.



Body Wisdom

A journey of Mei Gyanam

Good health is the single common factor desired by all. Without it, absolutely nothing else can be achieved. Mei Gyanam or ‘body wisdom’ can be achieved through these very simple but potent practices.

Play the video for a taster of things to come.





Rajan is a passionate and supportive teacher who I am blessed to have worked with him over the last few years. I have experienced many physical and spiritual changes thanks to his teachings and programs. Rajan’s open and loving energy is inspiring, he really is a gift to the world.
Rajan’s style of teaching is mentally engaging, fun, and informative and it has been a blessing to be united with some beautiful, like-minded people.
Through Rajan’s Mei Padam and Karalakatai classes, I have gained an increase in inner strength, energy, peace and groundedness. It’s become an important addition to my routine and Rajan teaches with lots of care and devotion.

Within each of us lies an inner warrior, a reservoir of strength and resilience waiting to be harnessed.

Your 2-Night Retreat Program

Arrival Day 1

4:00pm – Check-in and settle in to your room

5:45pm  – Introduction to Mei Padam 

6:45pm – Delicious Dinner

7:45pm – Gentle breathwork followed by meditation to induce a restful sleep

9:00pm – Total silence and time to sleep

Day 2

7:30am – 9:00am – Mei Padam practice and introduction to Karalakatai

9:00am  – Breakfast

10am  – Nature meditation walk

11:00am – Free Time

12:00pm – Mei Padam practice

1:00pm – Lunch

2:00pm – Free Time

3:00pm  – Workshop: Karalakatai Massage

4:00pm – Free Time

5:15pm – Mei Padam practice

6:45pm – Dinner Delight

7:45pm – Deep listening guided meditation

9:00pm – Free time in total silence and sleep

Final morning

7:30am – 9:00am  – The healing warrior practice

9:00am  – Breakfast

9:56am – Complete your journey with a closing circle

11:00am – Check-out and farewell


A 2-Night Healing Karalakatai Retreat with transformational workshops including Mei Padam movement, an intro to Karalakatai, nature connection, guided meditations and nourishing vegetarian meals.


$399pp twin-share or solo upgrade for an additional fee.

buddha nestled in bushland at happy buddha retreats

Stay in the healing Blue Mountains

This retreat takes place at Happy Buddha Retreats in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains.

You’ll stay in cosy twin-share accommodation in our communal house (with shared bathroom amenities). Workshops held in our gorgeous verandah studio. You’ll have access to our pool, quiet meditation zen den and local walks during your free time.

We’ll nourish our bodies with nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals curated by Rajan (who is also a qualified chef!)

All workshops, vegetarian meals and twin-share accommodation included.

Karalakatai Healing Retreat
February 2-4

Experience inner growth, healing and rejuvenation.