Living well or living in wellness… is there a difference?  In my mind, the words might sound quite similar but the difference is profound.  I truly believe that realizing that difference could be one of the most vital realizations you’ll ever make.

Is Living Well The Greatest Enemy Of Your Balanced Lifestyle?

When you hear those two words “living well” what pops first in your mind?  For most of us, it represents the traditional definition of material success in our society.  Living well means that you have all the fancy toys, sports car (or cars) of your dreams, a mansion or two and never worry about money ever again.

And yet it is through this never ending pursuit of profits over anything else leads to a false sense of security. For no matter how many stacks of cash you may have in your bank account, how much “presence” are you bringing to your overall life?

For financial abundance is only one portion of a successful lifestyle.  And with no “presence” being placed inside your physical health, relationships, spirituality and random joyful experiences… you’ll quickly find yourself horribly out of balance.

And without balance, at best you’ll struggle through life like you’re sitting on a 3 legged stool.

Wellness In One Can Create Wellness In All

Even though I just broke down how the standard definition of “living well” with it’s high focus on material wealth could lead to ruin, abundance can fast track your way back to living in balance.

An easy example would be for you to take a portion of your finances and invest in your true balance at an exotic wellness retreat like the one outside of Sydney NSW.  Let your financial means open the doors to a new focus on your physical health through yoga practice with inspiring trainers.

Consume mouth watering, highly nourishing, home cooked vegan meals prepared by expert chefs.  Put yourself in a secluded, peaceful natural wonderland with a waterfall, lake and walking paths to wander with your thoughts.

Embrace the joyful expression of world travel as you fly across the globe to Australia for your wellness retreat, sparing no expense.  Let the “living well” financial benefits give you fast track access to regaining your balance and living “in wellness.”

Living In Wellness Is Your Greatest Success

With the continued expansion and popularity of practices like yoga and meditation among all manner of high level entrepreneurs, business leaders and status quo shocking thought leaders… wellness is becoming cool again.

Listen to the Tim Ferriss Show podcast and I believe it’s 8 out of every 10 guests leverage either meditation, yoga or both as part of their normal daily routines.  Some of the heaviest hitters in the business world count on meditation as a core skill set that puts them ahead of their rabid competition.

These “celebrity entrepreneurs” and their balanced lifestyle concepts that you’ll discover at your own wellness retreat are flooding into the mainstream population worldwide.  And with each passing day, this wave of deeper awareness shows no signs of slowing down.

Soon enough the definition of living well won’t just be about money.  It will become a lifestyle of abundance that interconnects flourishing finances, vibrant physicality, divine awareness and the bonding of community.

And when this shift comes, watch as we change the very fabric of our world and unleash a wellness revolution that shocks the status quo.