Intuitive Wellbeing Retreat
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Intuition and wellness

Tap into your innate wisdom

A 3-night retreat for women in the beautiful Blue Mountains, NSW.

Join us for a very special Intuitive Wellbeing Retreat with Courtney Louise. This is a rare opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and take time away to cultivate space, insight and intuition. Feel what it’s like to live and breathe fully from your inner yearnings and tap into your innate intuitive wellbeing.

Learn to listen to your body

Do you feel constantly bombarded by media and health experts on what to eat, what not to eat, diets to follow, and food intolerance? Are you, at times, living with the fear of ill health and worried about the impact of health on your mental well-being? Or perhaps you’re curious about how plant-based meals and Ayurvedic principles may support your gut-health?

Health and healing comes from inside. From quietly listening, learning and graciously responding to our own internal teacher.


Let’s instead stop and listen to what our body is telling us and to literally, follow our gut instinct.  
Creativity, journalling and yoga

Introducing Intuitive Wellbeing

This spacious retreat is time for reflection and a mind-body reset.

Within the sessions and this space you’ll reflect, be honest and connect with your own heart. You’ll ask yourself: What is healing for me, at this very moment? You’ll explore practices which feel good to you and you’ll find yourself looking forward to incorporating them into your daily life.

This special retreat is available for women who are ready to step into their truth and power through creativity, connection and the practice of becoming truthfully raw and vulnerability with the relationship you have with yourself.

You’ll switch off from social media, be delighted by light, be nourished with wholefoods and connect with your body, mind and the awakening intuitive spirit.

Harness and renew all of which nature has gifted you.

During this 3-Night retreat, you’ll begin a journey of intuitive well-being:

  • Feel energised and more in-tune with your body
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Learn healthy yet simple habits you can incorporate into daily life
  • Explore how a positive mindset supports your well-being
  • Commit to self-care and compassion
  • Learn how to mindfully eat for your nourishment


Food to heal and nourish

A very special wholefood chef will be preparing fresh and nourishing plant-based meals for you. With a special interest in the healing powers of Ayurvedic wholefoods, you’ll experience first hand how eating with the season (and intuitively) can help to support your digestion and overall health.

Be guided from experience

Courtney Louise has been facilitating Yoga and Meditation retreats in the Blue Mountains for several years after 8 years of working in Melbourne and the Gold Coast as a Registered Nurse. Courtney is passionate about community, connection and healing the body and mind through the art of listening and intuition. Courtney is currently living in the Blue Mountains teaching & facilitating at Happy Buddha Retreats and has more recently undertaken Iyengar Teacher Training with Senior teacher Lulu Bull.

Courtney will lead you on a quest to bring to light your true self, to answer questions and speak from personal experience. She has well and truly been on a well-being journey; has done the work, made positive changes and lives from a place of HEALING and JOY (and has learnt to let go of ‘overwhelm’) .​

“This blissful process will slow the mind and continue to reveal the body’s true inner wisdom and beauty.”

An all women’s weekend away…

Intuitive Wellbeing Retreat takes place at Happy Buddha Retreats in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains.

This is an intimate retreat with like-minded women. Accommodation is basic but comfortable and you’ll be twin-sharing your room with either a friend or another retreater (with physical distancing measures in place). Amenities and bathrooms are shared.

All meals are plant-based and are free from onion, garlic, chilli, refined sugars and gluten. You can choose to have breakfast or you can opt to fast until lunch to give your digestive organs opportunity to rest.

You’ll have access to our pool (if you can brave the chill!), quiet meditation zen den and local walks during your free time.

All workshops, meals and twin-share accommodation included.


New date coming soon!

3 nights for $749



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An amazing experience

July date TBC | 3 Night Retreat for $749!
with another retreater.








Click on the below days to browse the daily program


Arrival Day

4:00pm – Check-in

4:45pm – Roll out your mat for Yoga

6:15pm – Dining Room Welcome!

6:30pm – Light wholefoods dinner and meet our chef for the weekend

8:00pm – Opening Circle and Intention Setting

8:30pm – Yoga Nidra Meditation

Day 2

6:30am – Lemon Mineral Detox, Journalling & Meditation

7:00am – Yoga practice (75mins)

8:30am – Choose to break your fast with a light Ayurvedic breakfast

9:30am – Meditation, Affirmation Practice and Pranayama breathing

10:30am – Free time

12:30pm – Beautiful Relaxing Lunch

1:45pm – Vision Boarding

4:30pm – Restorative Yin Yoga

6:30pm – Delightful Dinner

7:30pm – Group Circle & Yoga Nidra Meditation

9:00 pm – Reading, quiet time and bed

Day 3

6:30am – Lemon Mineral Detox, Journalling & Meditation

7:00am – Yoga practice (75mins)

8:30am – Choose to break your fast with a light Ayurvedic breakfast

9:30am – Foundations in wholefoods (bring your journal for note taking)

10:30am – Free time

12:30pm – Beautiful Relaxing Lunch

2:00pm – Drum and Rhythm Circle

3:00pm – Free Time

5:00pm – Restorative Yin Yoga

6:30pm – Delightful Dinner

7:30pm – Group Circle & Yoga Nidra Meditation

9:00 pm – Reading, quiet time and bed

Final Day

6:30am – Lemon Mineral Detox, Journalling, Meditation

7:00am – Yoga Practice (75mins)

8:30am – Choose to break your fast

9:30am – Closing Circle

10:30am – Bliss Balls and Brewed Chai

11:00am – Check out

New date coming soon!

with another retreater | $749 3-Night Retreat




New date coming soon!

with another retreater | $749pp