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Ignite Your Life

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For those ready to open their minds, dive into the work of transformation, and upscale their inner and outer worlds – this is your retreat! Join us for three days of creative inspiration, clarification of your direction and purpose, and deliberate design of your life. With yogic wisdom and careful guidance, you’ll begin to craft your dream lifestyle; one that lines up with your strongest values and deepest desires.

Sometimes we reach points in our life when the ‘daily grind’ becomes intolerable despite the comfort a reliable salary affords us. Or relationships, whether romantic, familial or friendly, start to leak our energy rather than fill our cup. Maybe we’ve gotten all of our ducks perfectly in a row, created the life we thought we wanted, one where our outer life looks like it should feel really good, but there’s an emptiness or longing in you that starts to take its toll on your energy. This is the increasingly common tale of the modern yogi. The seeker who can no longer look outward; who can no longer rearrange their circumstances in a grab for happiness and joy; who realises it’s time to search inward for the sense of fullness and wholeness they so crave.

Consider this retreat your catalyst for change! The detachment you need from the life and level of happiness you have, so you can objectively begin to envision the life and level of happiness you want. Be inspired by those who have walked the path before you, and find like-minded seekers to add to your tribe. Ignite Your Life is a 2-night retreat held at Happy Buddha Retreat Centre in the Majestic Blue Mountains. This is not a seminar, or self-development course. It is an original program designed and intended to return you to a whole-body sense of ease, joy and elation. Be prepared for 3 days of high energy, interactivity, and excitement! Athill Singh, founder of Happy Buddha Retreats, will guide you through a series of workshops, games and insightful activities, all designed to call on your inner wisdom, and inspire your heart’s desires to rise. If you’re ready to live your life to a fuller potential and with greater joy; Ignite Your Life is for you.

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