Ahhhh the new year has arrived and we’re all fired up and excited about our new year resolutions.  This is going to be YOUR YEAR right?! At least that’s what you’re thinking right now I’m sure.

But what if you could learn to stop in order to go, go, go?  Because in the month of January, it’s easy to stay motivated as your energy and inspiration is firing on all cylinders.  The key is to understand that it won’t last forever if you don’t learn to slow down to speed up.

The Power Of Stopping

Okay so how do you slow down in order to speed back up when it comes to staying on track with your new year goals?  It begins when you fully understand the advantage of not only slowing down… but stopping from time to time.

And one of the best ways to accomplish this slowdown for your ultimate success is through attending a wellness retreat.  If you were to dedicate yourself to visiting a retreat that provides a wide variety of activities that emphasize stillness and mindfulness, you’d be amazed at the results.

So this year, why not set yourself up with a consistent schedule for stopping for a few days to evaluate and analyze your progress.  To set aside even one 3 day retreat every quarter to allow yourself to maintain your momentum.

That’s only 4 weekends a year for pete’s sake!  I’d say that’s the very least you deserve when it comes to keeping your focus and making sure you don’t burn yourself out.  I’m sure you have massive goals this year and I want to make certain you hit every one.

Your “Stopping” Activities

Okay so what are some of the best and most effective ways for you to “stop” so you can start again?  The best type are the ones like you’d find at high quality retreat like Happy Buddha outside of Sydney NSW.

Here’s a quick breakdown of 3 of them…

Yoga Classes:

One of the best ways to stop is through any form of yoga practice.  Whether it be Vinyasa, Yin or Hatha… moving and holding the various poses forces you to slow down.  Within the time where you settle into a warrior 2 pose, you can let your mind block all distractions out.

What is so effective about yoga is that it invigorates your body through the stretches while allowing your “monkey mind” to come to a complete halt.  In this moving stillness you’re able to review your goals and what actions will continue to serve you in pursuit of them.


Obviously settling into some meditation time takes the “stopping power” of yoga to another level. Plus having a teacher take you through a guided meditation makes it even easier for you to settle your anxiety around your new year goals.

Also once you’re able to ease deeper into your meditation practice, more and more of your inner distractions begin to fall away.  And the more they do, you have the chance to discover brand new ideas on how to accomplish your goals.

Walks In Nature:

Sometimes the best remedy for you to slow down and stop yourself from running yourself ragged is a good old fashioned walk in nature.  Strolling along a lovely garden path or wandering along the shore of a pristine and calming lake.

It is through this re-connection with the energetic transfusion that only nature can provide that allows you to calm your inner voices of doubt and frustration.  The struggles you’re currently having on how to hit that next financial goal could wash away while staring at the trickle of a waterfall.

Life Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Remember that you have inspiring goals for the whole year… not just a few months.  And because of that your mentality must be one of running the marathon not a full out sprint.

Along the way remind yourself that it’s not only ok to stop in order to go further and faster…

But it’s absolutely necessary.