When you think of the benefits of yoga, the first thing that normally rushes to mind would be increasing your flexibility am I right?  All those flowing stretches and extending and holding a variety of yoga postures awakening a vibrant elasticity to your body.

But what if I told you that through attending your next yoga retreat you could enhance the flexibility far beyond your body and into areas of your life you’d never expect?  Keep reading and be prepared to stretch your mind my friend.

Increasing The Range Of Motion Of Your ROI

ROI?  Return on investment?  What am I babbling about now and how does flexibility and yoga play into this idea?  Well when it comes to your level of success in business, flexibility can become one of your greatest assets.

Let’s say you’re knee deep in a hard fought negotiation trying to land a new client.  Back and forth you go, both trying to gain the upper hand and not willing to budge.

But if you were to apply the flexibility of yoga into your approach, you could release an immense amount of tension around your business dealings.

All of a sudden by embracing flexibility, you’re able to discover an entirely fresh approach to the deal where both sides win and you even increase your ROI.  Just like that you’ve vinyasa’d your way to victory!

Creating A Better Friendship Flow

Another area where you’re ability to apply flexibility in your life is within your friendships.  These days genuine friendships are becoming as treasured as priceless diamonds as our daily routines are jam packed with obligations for work etc.

By tapping back into your practice at an exquisite yoga retreat, you’ll be reminded how being flexible with your friends greatly enhances your connections.

Instead of butting heads on trivial issues or debates, you’re able to keep the flow of friendship moving like a river. Both you and your friend bending and stretching to accommodate each other’s needs while still honoring your own.

Gaining Flexibility Of Spirit

This third example deals with the deep inner work of your spirituality. By improving your flexibility through yoga, it carries over into the divine.  No matter what belief system you might connect with… embracing a more flexible mind and body opens new doors.

As you move from posture to posture at your next yoga retreat, remember how yoga can be the gateway to your next spiritual awakening.  With each deeper stretch of the body, another soul stirring glimpse of what’s beyond may be revealed.

No matter how long you’ve been inside of your own spiritual practice, realize there are unheard of levels of understanding still hidden.

By allowing your mind, body and spirit to stretch in unison… you could very easily find yourself walking on another plane of universal comprehension.

So if you’re looking to expand your business, friendships, spirituality (or anything else for that matter) then streeeeeeetch into it.