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health retreat sydney nsw ausIn today’s world of hustle and bustle and rise and grind, more and more it seems our health is taking a backseat as a priority in our lives.  But what if you could reclaim your health and begin the journey back to living with vitality after one 3 day health retreat?

Just outside of Sydney NSW, you will find just such a place, nestled amongst native bushland of the Blue Mountains and an invigorating waterfall – located just down from our retreat centre. The setting combined with the wide variety of activities, nourishing meals and sense of community all combine to reset your basic health markers.

But how can a mere 3 days at a health retreat help in hitting the “reset button” when it comes to your health and overall well being?  It has to do with tapping back into a combination of core fundamentals of health that are simple and easy to engage in even as a total beginner.

Health Retreat: Core Fundamentals

Movement and Stillness:  For most people, the most movement they experience on a daily basis is moving from their office chair to their car seat to their couch back home.  Our bodies are crying out to move, stretch and strengthen.

This is where a health retreat such as this one over delivers as students can re-engage their bodies with 3 distinct types of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin style.  All three awakening the students body back into motion and releasing stress.

As far as the concept of Stillness, it’s an idea that the everyday person only fantasizes about while rushing through their coffee break.  To allow themselves even 5 minutes of “quiet time” would be practically unheard of these days.

This is where the combination of guided meditation sessions as well as free time to wander amongst bushland and resting near a pristine lake or waterfall set this health retreat apart. It as if the setting outside of Sydney NSW, Australia was by grand design to encourage the calming effects of reconnecting to your health.

Home-cooked Meals:  One of the fastest ways to shock your system back to a healthy flow is by devouring nourishing, vegetarian home-cooked meals.  It’s a shock (in a wonderful way) due to the fact that most of us are subsisting on a daily regimen of high sugar, low nutrient junk food.

While at this health retreat, every participant is treated to filling vegan meals that leave you feeling revitalised, cleansed and have your body’s cells begging for more high quality meals in the future.  It’s the perfect opportunity to reset what your body expects when it comes to healthy nutrition.

Community and Sharing:  Although movement, meditation and quality meals all contribute to a boost to your health… it is all greatly enhanced through sharing with with a loving community.

For while you soak in all the juicy goodness of this 3 day health retreat outside of Sydney NSW, it’s your ability to feel deeply connected with a fresh community of new inspiring friends that brings everything together in harmony.

Plus by connecting with a community while attending, you’re setting yourself up with built in accountability for when you return home to continue your journey of healthy expansion.

This health retreat may only last 3 days.

But it’s ability to set the stage for your progress in the future can last a lifetime.