As seen in a recent Nourish magazine feature! Journey into Stillness by Sarah Webb

“Experiencing a silent retreat can help us feel more connected than ever – to ourselves, to others, and to nature.”

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Nourish uses: Image by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.

Shared with permission from publisher. Nourish uses: Image by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.


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Above: Destination Happiness founder, Angie Hilton, reviews the Inner Joy Weekend retreat, Oct 2023

Above: Destination Happiness, July 2020. Angie Hilton had a rejuvenating stay at Happy Buddha Retreat in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

Why Silent Retreats are Trending Now – Body & Soul – 25th February 2024

by Rachel Less

Sure, they promise transformational health and wellbeing results. But the big question is: could you handle five days of no tech and no talking?
(We’re mentioned on page 19 – ‘other places to get zen’!)

body and soul magazine cover

Happy Buddha Retreats – if you need to get the blood flowing

A wellness weekend doesn’t have to be about mindfulness and serenity – it can also be about joyful activities that get your heart pumping.

visit-nsw-solo-travellers article

For connecting with yourself and others: Happy Buddha Retreats, Wentworth Falls

While some wellness retreats champion luxury and exclusivity, Happy Buddha offers a humble approach: the individual is what is important, not the surrounds.

visit nsw wellness-retreats-in-nsw-for-solo-travellers

I went on a three-day silent retreat to try cut ties with my phone

by Meg Mayger

I’ve thrown cash at the wind more times than I’d like to admit. This wasn’t one of them. A few weekends ago I paid the team at Happy Buddha Retreats to show me the benefits of practising silence for a weekend.

Best for affordable rejuvenation: Happy Buddha Retreats, New South Wales

Inner Joy Retreat at Happy Buddha

by Kate Reynolds

I recently completed a weekend silent, screen-free meditation retreat at Happy Buddha Retreats in Sydney’s Blue Mountains. Here’s why I think everybody should give a digital detox a go.

Weekend Notes Inner Joy Retreat at Happy Buddha

Best for affordable rejuvenation: Happy Buddha Retreats, New South Wales

by Tiff H

Healthful holidays to wellness retreats in Australia. Dream about these luxurious destinations while we wait for confirmation of a travel bubble

Best for affordable rejuvenation: Happy Buddha Retreats, New South Wales

10 stunning spots in regional NSW for a rejuvenating escape

by Sarah Berry

We’ve compiled a list of wellness destinations around NSW worth checking out for anyone wanting to move, explore and feel well.

10 stunning spots in regional NSW for a rejuvenating escape

The Great Blue Mountains Escape

by Julie Miller

Take a fresh look at Sydney’s favourite playground, the Blue Mountains.

The great blue mountains escape

Get your Yogi on (when New South Wales travel is back).

by Rafael Ruiz

A New South Wales yoga holiday is just what you need. The core retreat program, named ‘Inner Joy’, features yoga and inspiring workshops designed to nourish the mind and body and ignite the spirit

Get your Yogi on

Find your happy place at this Blue Mountains Retreat

by Yoga Journal

A keen yogi visits Happy Buddha Retreats.

Yoga Journal review

Forest bathing in the Blue Mountains

by Julie Miller, 9th April 2021

De-stress, rejuvenate and heal body and mind

She Goes review

Blue Mountains meditation retreat review: The sounds of silence

by Rob McFarland

A “Journey into Stillness”, designed to help us examine “what really brings joy and meaning to your life”.

Blue Mountains meditation retreat review: The sounds of silence

Things to do in the Blue Mountains

Sitchu covers Happy Buddha in the list of the best things to do in the Blue Mountains.

Things to do in the Blue Mountains by Sitchu

Happy Buddha Retreats

by Rita Rizk, 17th February 2020

Curious about the world, the biggest foodie alive, enjoys the outdoors, and loves music…

She Goes review

Australia’s best value wellness retreats

by Sangeeta Kocharekar, 28th January 2020

Happy Buddha Retreats features as number 1 on this list of Australia’s most affordable wellness retreats.

Happy Buddha media clip on Destination Happiness Episode 5

The place to relax, refresh and reflect

by Julie Miller, 28th March 2019

Julie Miller escapes her everyday life for a midweek retreat at Happy Buddha Retreats.

Happy Buddha Retreats featured in Traveller

Wellness is the Word

by B.C Lewis, 9th March 2019

Local Journalist visits Happy Buddha Retreats.

Blue Mountains Gazette article

Happy Buddha Retreat, Wentworth Falls

by She Goes, 14th February 2019

A serial retreater visits Happy Buddha Retreats for the first time.

She Goes review

Happy Buddha Retreat

by Visit NSW

A write up on our retreat by Visit NSW.

Visit NSW website

Destination Happiness – Episode 5

hosted by Angie Hilton, 5th October 2019

Angie Hilton visits Happy Buddha Retreats in all its Spring time glory.

Happy Buddha media clip on Destination Happiness Episode 5

A yoga retreat with a difference.

by Sarah Friggieri, 8th January 2019

The highlight of the retreat experience is the food for this Gluten Free Foodie!

Gluten Free Foodie review

Five health retreats to start the New Year off right

by Mindfood, 19th December 2018

Mindfood includes Happy Buddha Retreats on their list of five health retreats to start the New Year right.

Mindfood magazine cover

Full of laughter

by Emma Joyce, 14th November 2018

Emma Joyce from TimeOut visits Happy Buddha Retreats and is pleasantly surprised by how much laughter there is.

Happy Buddha Retreats features in TimeOut

Drumming up light and love

by B Malzard, 18th March 2019

A retreater surprises herself by just how much she enjoys the Happy Buddha drumming circle.

TravelGal review

Unwind, gain clarity and feel grounded with our accessible short stay retreats near Sydney