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As featured in the latest Nourish magazine, Issue 71.

Journey into Stillness by Sarah Webb

“Experiencing a silent retreat can help us feel more connected than ever – to ourselves, to others, and to nature.”

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Nourish uses: Image by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.Shared with permission from publisher. Nourish uses: Image by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.

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Above: as featured in Destination Happiness, July 2020

Best for affordable rejuvenation: Happy Buddha Retreats, New South Wales

by Tiff H

Healthful holidays to wellness retreats in Australia. Dream about these luxurious destinations while we wait for confirmation of a travel bubble

Best for affordable rejuvenation: Happy Buddha Retreats, New South Wales

10 stunning spots in regional NSW for a rejuvenating escape

by Sarah Berry

We’ve compiled a list of wellness destinations around NSW worth checking out for anyone wanting to move, explore and feel well.

10 stunning spots in regional NSW for a rejuvenating escape

The Great Blue Mountains Escape

by Julie Miller

Take a fresh look at Sydney’s favourite playground, the Blue Mountains.

The great blue mountains escape

Get your Yogi on (when New South Wales travel is back).

by Rafael Ruiz

A New South Wales yoga holiday is just what you need. The core retreat program, named ‘Inner Joy’, features yoga and inspiring workshops designed to nourish the mind and body and ignite the spirit

Get your Yogi on

Find your happy place at this Blue Mountains Retreat

by Yoga Journal

A keen yogi visits Happy Buddha Retreats.

Yoga Journal review

Forest bathing in the Blue Mountains

by Julie Miller, 09th April 2021

De-stress, rejuvenate and heal body and mind

She Goes review

Blue Mountains meditation retreat review: The sounds of silence

by Rob McFarland

A “Journey into Stillness”, designed to help us examine “what really brings joy and meaning to your life”.

Blue Mountains meditation retreat review: The sounds of silence

Things to do in the Blue Mountains

Sitchu covers Happy Buddha in the list of the best things to do in the Blue Mountains.

Things to do in the Blue Mountains by Sitchu

Happy Buddha Retreats

by Rita Rizk, 17th February 2020

Curious about the world, the biggest foodie alive, enjoys the outdoors, and loves music…

She Goes review

Australia’s best value wellness retreats

by Sangeeta Kocharekar, 28th January 2020

Happy Buddha Retreats features as number 1 on this list of Australia’s most affordable wellness retreats.

Happy Buddha media clip on Destination Happiness Episode 5

The place to relax, refresh and reflect

by Julie Miller, 28th March 2019

Julie Miller escapes her everyday life for a midweek retreat at Happy Buddha Retreats.

Happy Buddha Retreats featured in Traveller

Wellness is the Word

by B.C Lewis, 9th March 2019

Local Journalist visits Happy Buddha Retreats.

Blue Mountains Gazette article

Happy Buddha Retreat, Wentworth Falls

by She Goes, 14th February 2019

A serial retreater visits Happy Buddha Retreats for the first time.

She Goes review

Happy Buddha Retreat

by Visit NSW

A write up on our retreat by Visit NSW.

Visit NSW website

Destination Happiness – Episode 5

hosted by Angie Hilton, 5th October 2019

Angie Hilton visits Happy Buddha Retreats in all its Spring time glory.

Happy Buddha media clip on Destination Happiness Episode 5

A yoga retreat with a difference.

by Sarah Friggieri, 8th January 2019

The highlight of the retreat experience is the food for this Gluten Free Foodie!

Gluten Free Foodie review

Five health retreats to start the New Year off right

by Mindfood, 19th December 2018

Mindfood includes Happy Buddha Retreats on their list of five health retreats to start the New Year right.

Mindfood magazine cover

Full of laughter

by Emma Joyce, 14th November 2018

Emma Joyce from TimeOut visits Happy Buddha Retreats and is pleasantly surprised by how much laughter there is.

Happy Buddha Retreats features in TimeOut

Drumming up light and love

by B Malzard, 18th March 2019

A retreater surprises herself by just how much she enjoys the Happy Buddha drumming circle.

TravelGal review
Thank you from my heart for a truly wonderful yoga retreat weekend. My mind, body and soul feel lovingly nurtured and recharged! Thank you Athill and Sarah for all of the superb yoga sessions. They were all interesting and varied.
Never having been to a retreat, I had booked in for this not really knowing what to expect. After spending 2 days here, I can sum up this experience in one word ... bliss! From the moment you drive into the property to the moment you leave, you experience an incredible feeling of peace and serenity.
Just spent a blissful weekend at Happy Buddha and am already planning my next trip…There is just the right balance of organised activities and free time and I loved that there was no pressure to attend everything. I felt like I had the best of both worlds with a lot of privacy but also the opportunity to connect with others.
This retreat I would fully recommend ... it was just amazing in every way. Along with my sister we were fortunate to have sunshine & surrounded by happy people. We came home relaxed, energised and joyful! Thank you to all the Happy Buddha team - you all went "above & beyond"!
The staff were lovely, the view was amazing, the waterfall was spectacular and the food was outstanding. Great weekend to unwind away from the hectic city. Yin Yoga was an absolute highlight for me and I loved that every level of experience was able to join in to any session.
I had an awesome time. Such a beautiful location, great facilities and staff. The yoga, meditation and drumming was fun and relaxing. The massage was the best! And it was amazing to meet such nice kind people who attended also!
A relaxed atmosphere and a happy environment indeed where you decide how involved you wish to be! A retreat well worth all the time, to recharge oneself .... a comfortable place with lovely views and healthy, wholesome food. Highly recommend it!
Had THE MOST AMAZING TIME at this retreat. I had never done yoga before, and actually went because the food looked nice and I needed a break. The yoga was beautiful, the food was unbelievably fabulous. Basically, just get there!
This experience was probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in forever. The groups were amazing. The food beyond amazing! The drumming circle was the most fun I’ve ever had sitting down and the place itself is beautiful….I’m planning to go again as soon as possible. Absolutely recommend this for anyone who needs a tune up and even those that don’t recognise they need it. A truly enriching experience with so many benefits!
March 11, 2019
Happy Buddha Retreats provided everything that I didn't know I was looking for!!! The retreat was put together in such a synchronous and harmonious way, that it left all of us - who started out as strangers - feeling like we had known each other forever! Everyone seemed to have found a little piece of themselves that they didn't know they were searching for. And I returned home with a renewed sense of motivation to take on life's challenges with grace and a smile.
March 26, 2019
Magic couple of days which I can barely fault. Highly recommended. Accomm, yoga, drumming, intentions, activities, food, staff... all 10/10. Go treat yourself.
March 13, 2019
I had the best time this weekend at the retreat! It was literally life changing for me. The energy, the food, the meditations and the connection with the group and teachers were a completely blessing! Thank you Happy Buddha, I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone I know! ❤️
Mariana Iannarelli
I had the most beautiful, serene and happy experience at this retreat. I felt a sense of calm from the moment I stepped inside and felt comfortable throughout the retreat to enjoy myself, practice at my own pace and chat with the group. The facilitation was magical. So kind, supportive and vibrant....

I have completely reset and I came home feeling revived and have been practicing everyday, chanting my Mantra and meditating to keep this going into my day to day life.
Thank you to your lovely volunteers and a particular shout out to Melanie, our facilitator, for being so talented, warm and genuine - she really made it a fabulous experience. I have recommended Happy Buddha to all the friends I have met in the days since and will come again myself soon!
Ms Happy & Relaxed
After wanting to go here for over a year I finally got my Inner Joy retreat. It. Was. Amazing!!! The accommodation was better than I anticipated. The food was amazing. The classes accessible to novice and advanced alike. I absolutely loved the Drumming Circle. The location is stunning. I highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking for a yoga-inspired getaway. I am planning my next visit.
August 2020
A 5 star soul discovery journey! I attended this retreat with my best friend to spend some time together…but we got far more out of this retreat. It surprised us! The beautiful facilitator provided a path to understanding ourselves in such a short time. The best therapy I’ve had and I’ve had a lot in my 50 years. Booking in every year for a life-reset!
June 2020
Exactly as advertised and better. Excellent staff, excellent rooms and shared spaces, delicious food and classes to suit beginners and experienced yoga and meditation practitioners. Will be going back there.
June 2021
All the teachers were unique and lovely. I felt welcomed by all and the surroundings were just breathtaking.
The food was to die for!! I honestly just felt my soul was lighter walking out of Happy Buddha...
June 2021
We had a fantastic retreat group and the food, activities (yoga and meditation) and the sunrise were all amazing.Highly recommended if you want to feel more grounded and unwind. Cheers.
May 2021
The retreat transformed how I was feeling mentally and physically, from exhausted and weighed down with many things on my mind to feeling energised, lighter and replenished. The food was divine, the yoga classes were spot on (perfect for any ability and energy level), comfortable room (I slept the best I have in a long time), the facilitator was kind and knowledgeable and guided the retreat with well thought activities and combined with the beautiful natural surroundings it was the perfect package.
December 2020
The silent retreat was an extremely relaxing & restorative experience, & because it's only 2 nights it was doable and accessible. A very nice mix of yin yoga, meditation, quick dip in the pool, and mindful nature walk. Best if you're open to some self-exploration and self-reflection, and open to learn a bit more about meditation. Loved my time and will be back.
Feb 2021
An amazing experience and beautiful staff - thank you for the wonderful insight and teachings 🙏🏼
January 2021
I recently attended the Women's Retreat which was easily the most amazing, empowering, relaxing and moving experience of my life. I highly recommend to all women as an essential element of self care. The space was so beautiful, surrounded by the gorgeous Blue Mountains. The food was phenomenal. All the tea you can drink. The teachers who led the yoga sessions were all so wonderful and brought their own individual spirit to the practice.
April 2021
This was a wonderful short retreat, well organised, comfortable accommodation, lovely scenery, relaxing ambiance, wholesome food and fantastic teachers. I wished it was longer, however, I could see a tangible difference to my inner self within just 24hrs. Thank you to the Happy Buddha team!
December 2021
This was exactly what I needed. Two days of rest, ease, nourishment and movement with lovely humans. The yoga was wonderful - fun, playful, nurturing, extending - with several classes each day in different styles and different teachers. They each had their own unique style and approach, which kept things interesting and light.
November 2021
There is a real warmth about the facilitator that is very unique and welcoming.\I would recommend this to anyone wishing to reconnect with themselves or get a break from smart devices and the constantly busy world we live in today!! Thanks so much to all the team at Happy Buddha Retreats 😀🙏
June 2021
Loved the retreat! The faciliator Pete was so caring and compassionate. The food was absolutely delicious!
It was a much needed reset for me to have time away from the phone and learnt many breathing /meditation techniques.
Feb, 2022
We loved our weekend there. Such a peaceful, authentic venue. Delicious food, beautiful calm atmosphere. Thanks for making this experience possible 🙏🏽
Betty and Madeleine
Jan, 2022
Thank you for a wonderful retreat. I really enjoyed the yoga and the delicious food. My highlight is the drumming with Richard, as always. Also, I’ve really enjoyed Emily’s closing circle. It was wonderful that she adapted a yoga foundations class to accommodate my blind sister. So, thank you thank you thank you.
Jan, 2022
Plenty of space in the schedule for free time and adventure. Absolutely loved finding my own rhythm with the drums. Beautiful, gentle yoga. My heart is filled and I will be back!
Dec, 2021