Look we get it… you’ve never meditated before in your life.  And it seems everyone and their third cousin is raving about it on their social media, during their green tea breaks (coffee just isn’t enlightened enough right) or at your last family barbecue.

So at this point you’ve heard all the testimonials, read the articles and heard all about the scientific evidence that backs meditation as a sure fire method to reducing stress and anxiety.

And you definitely could use a bit more peace of mind in your day to day life right?  But then the question becomes discovering where to go to begin your journey of self discovery.

Have no fear, guided meditation is your portal to a whole new experience of mindfulness.

Let Others Lead The Way

As you gently take your first steps into learning meditation, leave your ego at the door.  There’s simply no place for it if you’re seeking to embrace the practice of mastering the art of calming your hamster wheel mind.

Teachers are all around you, no matter if you reside in Tempe, Arizona or outside of Sydney NSW at an exhilarating yoga retreat.

Following the lead of a caring and experienced instructor relieves virtually all of your stress of learning this completely new and foreign skill set.  Remember, it’s called “guided” meditation for a reason.

Yoga Nidra:  The Art Of Sleeping, With Sleeping?

One style of guided meditation that provides some of the easiest access to an incredibly relaxed state is that of Yoga Nidra.  Through following a sequence of verbal instructions, an instructor guides you ever deeper through a journey of inner awareness and relaxation.

The best way to describe what you’ll feel through this sort of guided meditation is floating in that space of “about to fall asleep.”  You know where your eyelids may flutter as you fight back slumber… tipping back and forth from the conscious to the unconscious. And that is exactly where you wish to settle yourself.

This way you are able to achieve the deepest sense of calm within and yet still be present in your current surroundings.  By following a guided meditation such as Yoga Nidra, it’s as if you’re being softly carried along the ocean of your mind.  At times floating light as a piece of driftwood… at others rising to the crest of a momentary tidal wave.

Your Community Of Calm

As a first time student of guided meditation, we always highly encourage you do it surrounded by a loving community of fellow seekers of inner awareness.  Whether that be a yoga retreat in your local hometown or flying the friendly skies to outside Sydney NSW in Australia.

The key is to lock arms with others who will be as thrilled as you are about your guided meditation adventures.  Attempting to take this on solo through listening to some mp3 on your smartphone could lead you off track before you even begin.

Can you start off on your own?  Of course.

But without your own community of support, it will be far easier to stop your guided meditation practice at the first sign of frustration.  On the flip side, sitting within your own inner circle of fellow meditation warriors, you’ll push yourself to even great depths of self exploration.

Once you do, you’ll be overflowing with gratitude that you took your first step with guided meditation.  And then you can post your social media about how you’re one of the “ohm crew.”