gratitude practice

A child’s smile.

A ray of sunshine caressing your cheek.

Morning dew shimmering on a rose bud.

The rich taste of a freshly cooked stew.

Moving with your breath through a yoga flow.

These are all experiences that brings us happiness and peace if we allow ourselves to enjoy them; often we don’t. We’ve been brought up to believe that we need to make a lot of money to be successful, but these little moments have no dollar amounts attached to them. We can’t put them into our bank account or exchange them for material goods. So we discount them as worthless. Or we don’t notice them at all. We’re too busy trying to complete as many tasks on our to-do list as we can, bank as much cash as we can, so that we can feel worthy, successful and rich.

What if you could create a different type of account, one where you could store your blessings?

Accounting your blessings is a creative gratitude practice that uses financial tools to track your prosperity in all areas of your life. Here is how it works.

Choose how you want to track your blessings. You can use a checkbook record, an accounting ledger, create your own system or download the simple template below.

Download as a Word Document 
Download as a PDF

As you go through your day, keep track of the things that bring you joy. Record them in your ledger as soon as you notice them or take a few minutes at night to ‘do your books’. Record the date, a description of your deposit and a monetary value. What should the value be? That’s up to you to decide. For each experience, assign a dollar amount that feels right to you.

Feel free to include real income in this account. You may notice that the blessings value of any money you receive doesn’t always equal its monetary value. For example, you may have worked hard to break into a new industry, you’ve finally landed a small gig and you’ve received a tiny compensation, but you feel like a whole new world is opening for you and the experience is worth so much more than just the money you’ve received. Or you might be working in a job that doesn’t make your heart sing. The money you bring home is still a blessing, because it pays your bills and feeds your family, but you’re too exhausted to enjoy it, and its blessings value feels lower than the actual amount.

At the end of each week, take time to balance you books and watch your balance grow. If you find motivation in goals, set yourself a weekly or monthly goal, and start actively looking for experiences to add to your account—a Happy Buddha retreat could be a perfect choice. Soon, you’ll become more aware of all the riches that are already in your life, and you’ll invariably attract more blessings.