Where are we?

Happy Buddha Retreats is situated in a beautiful bushland setting within the historic Blue Mountains town of Wentworth Falls.

The Blue Mountains National Park begins approximately 80 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD and is a popular weekend destination. Sydney residents come here to enjoy bush walks, native forest, waterfalls and lakes.

Wentworth Falls town was established in 1814 by European settlers. However, carbon dating shows that the traditional owners of the land are the Gundungurra People who have been on the land for more than 22,000 years. As such, we pay our respect to the traditional owners past and present of the beautiful Blue Mountains by respecting the nature and community in which we reside.

Happy Buddha Retreat’s is a 2 – 4 minute drive from the main township of Wentworth Falls.

A peaceful haven of zen and joy hidden away in the Blue Mountains awaits you

Travelling by Car

Wentworth Falls is approximately 80 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD and the journey by car takes around 90 minutes. Our address is 50 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls.

The trip is an easy one to make, even for out of town guests not familiar with Sydney’s roads. This is because there is one long road (Parramatta Road) connecting via several highways, tunnels and toll roads from the CBD directly to Wentworth Falls. In addition, only the last section of the trip is a mountain road. However, the mountain road is wide, well sealed and easy to drive on. And you won’t miss any turn offs between Sydney CBD and Wentworth Falls – because there aren’t any! What’s more, the last 20 – 30 minutes is enjoyable for passengers as it takes in native bush views as the road takes you to 867 metres elevation.

Once you reach the historic town of Wentworth Falls, you might like to refer to your sat-nav. Happy Buddha Retreats is a simple 2-4 minute drive from the centre of Wentworth Falls via Railway Parade. What’s more, the retreat has complimentary parking for your vehicle during your stay. If you’re on time you should get a park at the retreat centre in allocated car spots, but if all taken, please drive back up towards the entry gate where you can park on the left in an additional designated area.

Traveling by train

Whilst Wentworth Falls has a train station, we recommend you catch the train to either Leura or Katoomba for ease of catching a taxi. The train trip is a single 2 hour train trip (approx) from Sydney’s CBD.

Depending on where you choose to alight, you’ll be able to book a taxi which will then be a 5 -10 minute drive to the retreat.

The Blue Mountains Line is an air conditioned train, departing hourly from Sydney’s Central station and more regularly during peak commuter times. You may also join the train at other stops along the line or connect to Central station via the train network.

Please check with Transport NSW if you require elevators as not all NSW stations have these.

Train services

The train has toilets, air conditioning, upholstered seats, limited bike parking and a silent carriage. It does not have a meal or food service. The train is used by commuters so you may prefer to travel outside of peak hours. The first and last carriage on the train are “silent carriages”. This means you will not be able to talk or make phone calls in these carriages. It is quite a peaceful way to begin and end your retreat experience!

Travelling by train is an affordable and relaxed option. For more about fares and to check that there are no delays or track maintenance, check the NSW Transport website. In the event of track maintenance or significant delay, Transport NSW will provide bus alternatives for the affected portion of your trip.

Central station is also the best location to begin coach or bus tours to the Blue Mountains. There are several offices of bus and travel companies located in the Central station.

Coming to Wentworth Falls from the airport

Many of our guests come from other locations within Australia for a short break. In addition, some guests come directly from international flights for some rest and relaxation at the beginning of their holiday.

Fortunately, getting to the retreat from Sydney airport is simple via the use of highways and toll roads. Travel by train or car to Wentworth Falls via the airport adds very little extra travel time owing to Sydney airport being very close to the city.


From the airport by car

If you wish to self-drive you will find it is a straightforward and easy 90 minute drive from the airport. You will take a ring road (M5) and then connect to the main M4 highway which leads directly to Wentworth Falls.

Sydney domestic and international airports have all the international and some local car hire firms. For more information about Sydney airport car hire and driver services click here.

The retreat has plenty of safe off-street parking for your vehicle during your stay.


From the airport by train

If you’re coming from the airport, train is still a great option, owing to convenient connections between the airport and central train stations. There is a regular 10 minute train trip between both Sydney’s domestic and international airports which connects with Central station.

Once at Central station you can catch the hourly Blue Mountains line train to either Leura or Katoomba. For more information about the Sydney airport train click here.

“Absolutely loved this experience. I did the silent retreat (journey into stillness) and found it perfect. Facilitator Peter was amazing, beds so comfy, food was incredible. Coupled with toasty warm fires (winter), a beautiful mountains setting and an informative and well planned meditation program, I highly recommend you do this 2 day retreat. I came away so restored and with lots of tools and techniques to continue the journey at home.!”

Karen Eliff

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