Even as an astrologer, I can hardly believe we’ve already arrived at eclipse season. Yet here we are!

Eclipse periods bring some of the most potent astrology of the year. These windows tend to mark chapters of change and transformation in our lives… but what exactly does that mean?


The Lunar Nodes

Let’s start with the astronomy. You can consider the Lunar Nodes as two theoretical points in space, where the Moon’s orbiting path crosses the ecliptic (the earth’s orbit plane around the Sun). When a Full or New Moon occurs at either of the Lunar Nodes, we experience an eclipse.

In evolutionary astrology and Jyotish (Indian astrology, the sister science of Ayurveda), the transiting lunar nodes are said to represent an arc of our collective development. The South Node reflects overdeveloped traits, while the North Node points to the opposite qualities that we must develop in order to find balance. The points of the North Node and South Node are directly opposite each other, and our lives tend to move like a pendulum between the two.

Depending on your belief system, you can look at the Nodes multiple other ways. The moon’s South Node relates to the past, our emotional core, egos, how we relate to ourselves, and the comfort zone formed from our past experiences. It’s what we already know, and are ready to branch out from

The North Node on the other hand, is where we’re invited to develop a conscious effort. We’re all born into varying flavours of limitation for the purpose of these to grow. The North Node is what doesn’t yet quite feel natural, but is compelling – it’s where we’re doing the work in order to evolve and become that much wiser.

Regardless of which lens you choose, the Nodes can be incredibly valuable tools to work with. This is why eclipses are such potent times.

Note: the Nodes can also be found in our birth charts, but that discussion is for another time!

The Eclipse Schedule for 2023

Eclipse portals tend to unfold like story plots: there’s an initiation, a middle point, and that full circle closing chapter.

Right now, we’re just initiating the story arc that is the Aries – Libra Eclipse series, while moving to wrap up the Taurus – Scorpio Eclipse journey. We’ve just had our very first Eclipse of the year in Aries (on April 20), which was a Solar Eclipse connected to the New Moon.

When the Full Moon arrives shortly (May 6), we’ll experience a Lunar Eclipse on the South Node, in the sign of Scorpio.

This eclipse series began all the way back in November of 2021, so if you reflect back on that time you may notice some mirrored themes. Perhaps you started a new chapter, whether that means in relationship, career, family or finances. Or this could mean something broader, an abstract feeling, or a continuation of more subtle threads from that time. Either way, the final lunar eclipse for the year (October 28) will bring this all to a close, in the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Working with Eclipses

If you allow them to, Eclipses can deepen your experience with life. They present the perfect time to get serious about self-love, in whatever form that takes for you. Maybe it’s time to finally join that yoga class, go on retreat, take that leap of faith, or switch up your food habits. Here, the universe is cheering you on that little bit more!

Taking note of the dates over which an Eclipse series occurs can also be helpful. Journaling around these times can evoke deeper insights, providing you with real-time reflections of your experiences, growth and emotions that arise.

As each portal waxes and wanes, you’ll be able to reread past entries and look back on these dates, taking note of any recurring themes that reveal themselves. For a guide, we’ve provided you with some journal prompts below. Happy cosmic exploring!

Journal prompts for this eclipse season:

  1. Are there any areas of my life that currently feel stagnant or ready for change?
  2. Am I ready for those changes to unfold? If not, why?
  3. What are my biggest learnings of the last twelve months?
  4. What am I ready to release in my life?
  5. What am I ready to invite in?
  6. Am I holding onto any fears, resentment or tension from the past?
  7. What would my ideal next twelve months look like?
  8. What actions can I take to evoke change?
  9. Am I connected to a sense of purpose, and my dreams?
  10. If not, what activities can I embark on – to cultivate joy and strengthen my inner compass?