Your journey back to yourself doesn’t have to be travelled in silence and solitude. In fact, our retreat participants often choose our drumming circles as their favourite activity. Drumming circles are fun, noisy, full of rhythm, laughter and unexpected discoveries about ourselves and our place in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or you consider yourself tone-deaf, you’re welcome to join in.

What happens during a drumming circle?

Everyone picks a drum or another instrument and sits in a circle with. At first, the facilitator guides the group through simple rhythms. Gradually, the beats become more complex and the participants begin to choose their own musical expression that carries individuality and, at the same time, is in harmony with the rest of the group. The result is a profound musical experience where every contribution adds to the total in a meaningful way.

Why join our drumming circle?

Drumming has numerous individual benefits and it brings the whole group together in a way that only music can.

Beat anxiety and become more resilient

Research proves that group drumming can decrease anxiety and depression, grow social resilience and even reduce the inflammation produced by our immune system in response to stress. When the drum brings us into the present moment, where we are having a good time and connecting with others, our worries stop taking over our lives.

Express yourself creatively

Many of us go through life wrongly believing that we are not creative and creativity is for someone else. This is not true. Each of us carries a creative spark inside and a drumming circle is an opportunity to release this spark into the world. Each drummer gets a chance to express their own creative vision (yes, you have a creative vision, too!) and witness right there and then how it falls into place beautifully, complementing the group’s piece of music.

Build relationships

Belonging to a close, supportive community is one of the pillars of living a long, healthy and happy life. Making music brings people closer together. When you’re in the circle, you can see everyone and you’re seen. You listen intently to everyone else’s sounds and at the same time, you feel heard and valued. After all, without you, the final piece of music will not be complete, and the same applies to every other member of the group. You laugh together, create together and come out of the session feeling closer.

Have fun

We tend to take everything too seriously. Sometimes, this includes relaxation and time for ourselves. When you feel that you have to find the right balance in your life or else you’re doing something wrong, this may become one more thing to stress you out rather than uplift you and relax you. During the drumming circle, you can’t get it wrong. Joy and laughter are your constant companions in the room. At the end of the session, you feel like the weight has lifted off your shoulders because you’ve been able to let go of all your thoughts and enjoy the moment.

Join our drumming circle at any of our retreats or experience the healing power of sound and music even deeper at the special Sound Oasis Yoga Retreat on 3-5 August. This retreat will be a full immersion into the realm of sound, with beautiful piano and didgeridoo music, crystal bowl sound healing, brainwave entertainment, chanting and more.