What if you could travel to a weekend getaway for 3 days and by the time you left for home, you’d gained a community of inspiration?  Imagine walking away from your experience knowing you’ve connected with your own go-to group of high minded friends.

With the hustle and bustle nature of daily lives, it’s very easy to get caught up in our lives of running solo. We’ve got a stack of things on our to-do list and time is always against us. And unfortunately this solitude in pursuit of success can leave you feeling lost and isolated.

But with so many people running to their next meetings or appointments, when and where can you ever truly connect with an empowering community?  One of the easiest ways is to attend a 3 day retreat (just like the one you’ll find right outside of Sydney NSW).

Find Your New Crew

When you commit yourself to attending something as simple as a 3 day retreat, you’re setting yourself up to expand your inner circle.  You’re putting a renewed focus on developing actual connections with others.

And what better way than to sign up for a weekend retreat where other fellow “community seekers” just like you will be in attendance.  Because if you’ve been feeling alone, I can almost guarantee that other attendees have dealt with the same challenge.

But by spending 3 days enjoying yoga classes, scrumptious home cooked vegan meals, meditation and walks in nature with your fellow attendees… you’ll quickly find your new crew of trusted friends.

The Connection In Conversation

Just talking.  That’s it. Can you even remember the last time you spent an entire weekend just hanging out with a group of people and just enjoying conversations?  And not the normal small talk or office gossip that normally consumes your chat time.

Instead you’re able to dive into meaningful and mind expanding conversations about your goals, dreams, challenges and past experiences.  Relaxing with a hot cup of tea and sharing your ideas and also seeking new answers from the others around you.

Time always seems to stand still when we engage in placing our focus and attention on the honest and heartfelt exchange of thought through conversation.  And it is through these conversations that you’re able to solidify your new friendships.

Bringing Your New Community Home

Now while connecting with a brand new group of treasured friends while on a retreat is amazing, it’s the relationships you carry back home that are the most vital.  This is why Happy Buddha Retreats holds an extremely unique closing ceremony for all who attend.

It is through this final joint celebration of connection that attendees are able to cement their new friendships and create a true foundation of friendship.  So that when you pack up your bags… you’re no longer traveling alone.

You carry your brand new community of inspiration all the way home and continue friendships that can last a lifetime.