When we need to make a decision, we often ask everyone around us what to do. We ask our friends, our families, the experts, strangers and even our dogs, but we forget to ask ourselves. Yet, deep inside, we all have the answers. It’s just matter of being quiet long enough to hear the gentle whisper of our inner knowing. If you’re ready to start developing your intuition, here are some easy first steps to take.

Take time to be quiet

Your quiet time can take form of meditation, walks in nature, art, craft or anything else that helps you connect with the present moment. Through quieting your mind, you’re creating space for intuitive insights to come in and you’re giving yourself the best chance to recognise them as such.

Get to know your feelings

Imagine yourself fully engaged in an activity that you enjoy thoroughly and that energises you. Notice how it makes you feel and where exactly you’re feeling it in your body. Remember that this is what joy, excitement and positive energy feel like.

Now imagine doing something drains your energy and makes you feel empty and tired. Where does this energy live in your body? How does it feel?

Lastly, imagine doing something moderately scary. Don’t choose something that terrifies you. You’ll then think, ‘No way, I’m not doing it!’ and you won’t feel anything. Instead, pretend that you’re engaging in an activity that is somewhat uncomfortable, but you’d still do it if you had to. What are you feeling? Where in your body are you feeling it?

Use your feelings as guidance

Now that you know it feels like to be excited, drained, bored or scared, use your feelings as guidance. When you need to make a decision, imagine one of the possible paths you could take and check with your body. What is your body telling you about this decision? Then check the next possibility.

Choose the direction that will lead to joy and excitement, even if fear is also present. Don’t go towards drain, emptiness and boredom.

Start small

It is one thing to know in your heart what’s best for you and quite another take action, especially when the direction you’re called to take doesn’t make logical sense or if you’re worried that you’ll disappoint your loved ones. Developing your intuition and learning to trust it takes time.

Practice on small decisions, such as choosing a dish from a restaurant menu or taking an umbrella with you on a seemingly sunny day. Move to bigger things as you gain confidence.

What if you don’t feel anything?

Sometimes, we are so physically exhausted and emotionally spent that we don’t feel anything.

Has it happened to you? You imagine the happiest moment in your life and you don’t feel a thing. Or you imagine a moment full of sadness… and again, there is no feeling there.

It could be that all you need is some sleep. Make time for rest and see if it makes a difference. The next step is to start looking for activities that bring you joy and energise you. Once you find them, commit to doing more of them on a regular basis and you’ll find your feelings reawaken.

To reignite your joy and reconnect with yourself, join us for one of our Rejuvenate Retreats. When you’re well rested, relaxed and in touch with your intuition, you’ll be able to see more clearly all the wonderful possibilities around you.