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Address: 50 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782
Bookings Email: [email protected]
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Just like this tree, we all have layers to peel away. 🌿✨
Peeling away stress, distractions, and worries reveals the joy, clarity, and contentment beneath. In the heart of nature, we find the space to shed these layers, reconnect, and rediscover our inner light. 🌸💫
#NatureHealing #SelfDiscovery #Mindfulness #BlueMountains #InnerJoy #TrueNature #NatureConnection #SilentMeditation #ForestBathing #BlueMountains
💧 We are water.
Flowing, refreshing, essential. Just like droplets on branches, splashing in a pool, and the rush of a waterfall, we carry the power to cleanse, nourish, and renew. 
Embrace the beauty and simplicity of water in every form. 🌊✨ 
#InnerJoy #FindYourFlow #NatureConnection #HappyBuddhaRetreats
A gorgeous little corner in our zen den 🧘🏽‍♂️🌼🌿
(What's the 'zen den' we hear you ask? More ZEN then den. It's a quiet space in both of our venues for pondering, meditation, reading or just to be.)
🌿 A 2-night retreat for your mind, body, and soul in the beautiful Blue Mountains.
✨ Find Inner Joy through yoga, mindfulness, drumming, and a whole lot of laughter!
🌼 Retreat midweek or weekends
🌼 $549pp twin-share
🌼 All-inclusive of room, vego meals, and our special 'Inner Joy' program
🌼 Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains (90mins drive from Sydney)
Discover the ultimate life reset in a nurturing, no-judgment environment. Embrace joy, contentment, and self-acceptance, all while surrounded by stunning nature.
PS. You might even find yourself exploring the local Blue Mountains area and taking a gorgeous dip in Water Nymphs Dell. (Pictured)
Image: Arkadius Photography 
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#HappyBuddhaRetreats #WentworthFalls #BlueMountains #YogaRetreat #NSWRetreat #YogaRetreatAustralia #InnerJoy #WellnessRetreat
🌅 Every morning is a good morning. 
It’s a fresh beginning no matter what. 
A brand new day. 
To be alive. 
Namaste to @yarrabaranova for this one 🤸 (Filmed in our Silent Meditation verandah studio)
#BlueMountains #HappyBuddhaRetreats #GoodMorning #Sunrise #SunriseYoga #YogaLife #YogaEveryDay #YogaNSW #YogaRetreat #WentworthFalls
In the words of Brené Brown, ‘You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.’ 
Life’s journey is filled with challenges, but it's in embracing our imperfections that we truly find our strength and worth. Remember, it's okay to seek moments of stillness and reflection; it's in these moments that we realise we are deserving of love and belonging 🧡🧡🧡
✨🥰 The relaxed face of a retreater! 
Sometimes it takes a while for us to notice a generous tag of a retreat participant. This one is via @xavielou back in Feb 📸 🙌
"What a relaxing and enlightening weekend 🌿"
Thank you!!!! 
#HappyBuddhaRetreats #WentworthFalls #BlueMountains #DestinationNSW #LoveBlueMountains #InnerJoy #SmilingYogi #YogaRetreat
Get that ahhhh-mazing feeling! 🌸✨
Imagine waking up to breathtaking sunrises, practicing yoga every day, indulging in delicious vego meals and fully relaxing in the heart of Bali. 🌅🌺
Yep! We're heading to Bali July 30-August 4.
Join Athil Singh and Natalie Ristoski for a 5-night retreat in Ubud to reconnect, realign, and embrace the magic of Bali!
📅 July 30 - August 4
✨ $1699pp twin-share
🌿 All-inclusive: room, meals, workshops, and surprise excursions!
Booking link in bio ✨
#HappyBuddhaRetreats #BaliRetreat #ReconnectAndRealign #YogaInBali #MindfulnessRetreat #WellnessJourney #InnerJoy