It’s almost time to welcome 2018. What is it going to be like for you? What new adventures, opportunities and friendships is it going to bring?

Life will bring delightful surprises and challenging situations your way, and you can never plan for everything. But you can choose what to focus on… and by doing so, you’re inviting more of it into your life.

A simple way of focusing on what you want is choosing one word for the year. A word is easy to remember and it makes you feel good (please, choose a word that makes you feel good!). Unlike resolutions, your one word can’t be broken. It’s there for you to help you return to your focus whenever you need it, but you don’t have to think about it all day every day.

Choose your word: a creative process

Imagine that your ideal 2018 was a place. What would it be? A beach, a garden, a mountain, a city, a room in your house?

Where are you in this place? What are you doing?

What are you seeing, tasting, smelling?

How are you feeling?

Now take out some paper and draw a quick sketch of your scene (or something to represent it) in the middle of your sheet. It doesn’t matter if (you think) you can’t draw. Anything to remind you of your scene will do, even if it looks nothing like it.

When you look at your drawing what comes to mind? What seems important?

Now start filling the page with words. The words can go anywhere; they can be small, big, at an angle, upside down. List all the qualities that are present in your scene. All the thoughts and feelings. Anything else that comes to mind.

Once the process feels complete, step away from your drawing. Go for a walk, drink a glass of water, meditate, do what you usually do to clear you mind. Then come back and have a look at your words. What’s the one word that you feel immediately drawn to?

Sometimes, a word will be calling for your attention, yet, you’d be resistant towards it. Give it a chance anyway and at least consider it for a few days. The more you stay with it, the clearer you will get on why you need it in your life.

You have a word. Now what?

Write your word somewhere you can see it regularly.

Ask yourself these questions often.

‘How can I bring more {your word} into my life?’

‘How can I feel more {your word}?’

Whenever you find yourself at a crossroad, check in with yourself, ‘Which path will bring me more {your word}?’ You don’t always have to take those choices, but just having the awareness of them will help you make more conscious decisions.

May your New Year be joyful, peaceful, abundant!