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6 Refreshingly Simple Spring Yoga Poses

Floral aromas in the air, birds singing and the sun’s restorative warmth... our favourite season (and consequently spring yoga) is back! Here, we get to shake off the density of winter and embrace this new season of renewal, activity, expansion and growth. A time...

natural detox breakfast with fruit
Health, Yoga

Give your body a natural detox

Whether you’re eating intuitively, following an Ayurvedic or TCM approach, a natural detox can be incredibly restorative. Imagine a bear hibernating all through winter. He assumes that when the sun returns to melt the snow, he’ll be able to frolic and hunt for...


Our (latest) Favourite Yoga Mats

Many moons ago, we explored and reviewed a few of our favourite yoga mats to buy in Australia. You can read our first yoga mat article here and I personally still love the mat I discovered in the process, but four years on seems like a nice point to explore what...


Pranayama – The yoga of breath

Pranayama or yogic breathing, is one of the main eight branches of the yoga sutras. Performed with or without asanas (yoga postures), pranayama also has an enormous amount of benefits, for mind body and spirit. When we break down the word… ‘prana’ refers to breath,...