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5 of our favourite home remedies

Once upon a time upon a trip to the Amazon jungle, I came down with something. Nothing dramatic – a feverish, fluey phenomenon – but not fun. Fortunately, a local was alerted and out of nowhere, a home remedy was whipped up: a near-unpalatable concoction of onion...

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Eating with the seasons (A TCM approach)

Ah, it’s that magical time of the year. Still a tad chilly; but we’re noticing the days getting warmer and that little bit longer. Internally, things are shifting too. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reminds us that as the seasons change rhythms, so do we. We...

A nourishing breakfast at Happy Buddha
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Tips for an eco-friendly kitchen

When it comes to making eco-friendly kitchen decisions, very often the right choice for your well-being also benefits the planet. There are so many little considerations, which all add up to a big difference. Sometimes, practicing ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ takes...

Food & Recipes

7 Healthy Foods to Make You Happier

 ‘Let Food Be Thy Medicine.’ - HIPPOCRATES Nobody denies the incredible impact that healthy foods have upon our bodies and minds. We really are what we eat. However, due to today’s processed food culture,  many of us have been taken hostage by junk cravings. If...