What if you woke up tomorrow and the only thing on your agenda was…

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

For most of us, that might be quite the shock to our system.  In fact, we might even have ourselves a little breakdown from not being busy.  But what if mastering the art of doing nothing allowed you to do something much more?

Give Yourself A Break… Finally

Take a few seconds and ask yourself… when was the last time you did absolutely nothing all day?  Actually… when was the last time you did “nothing” for a whole 30 minutes? If you’re like most of us, it might’ve been back in primary school.

What a crying shame.  What happened? The art of busy is what happened.

If you’re keeping busy that automatically means you’re being productive.  At least that’s the lie we keep telling ourselves. Even though most of our busy time is just being trapped in overwhelm, haunted by stress and fixing one problem to avoid dealing with something else.

And yet when someone asks us how we’re doing, we respond with that cliche phrase, “Just trying to stay busy you know.”  In fact, it’s almost as if we wear our busy like a twisted badge of honor.

But if we were to respond by saying we were “doing nothing”… oh, watch out.  All of a sudden you’re looked at as someone who’s lazy and not accomplishing things.  That you’re no good and worthless. When in fact, by giving yourself a break you’re actually showing that you are worth even more.

Because you’re putting your own well being first.

And what’s really odd is that you’re willingness to “do nothing” normally offends the so-called busy bees of the world.  It’s as if you’ve insulted their way of life. How can you give yourself a break when they can’t?

The Holiday Deception

Now here’s where this art of doing nothing really gets confusing.  Talk to anyone about taking a holiday or leave from their job… and you’ll get 100% support.  Of course you should take holidays… you deserve it.

You work 50 weeks out of the year so those few weeks off are your reward.  In fact, you’re entitled to go on that holiday and do whatever you want to do.

Including nothing at all.

You could literally go to a sandy beach somewhere, kick back in a hammock and drink margaritas all day and night.  And all of your fellow busy friends would rejoice for you!

But if you tell someone you’re going for a weekend getaway to be still, go for walks with no purpose and learn things like yoga and meditation to take more breaks when you get back… they’ll look at you like you’ve gone a little crazy.

You see for most people, doing nothing means a complete absence of thought.  Holidays are about sleeping, mindless adventures and enjoying food and drink (which is all great by the way).

Unfortunately, holidays are used as a bandaid on a busy life that leaves most feeling broken down and worn out.  The holiday is the so-called reward for all that “busy”. And rather than embrace a weekend getaway to learn a fresh mindset and practices that promote peace of mind, they drown their sorrows in their holiday bliss.

But for someone like you, a typical holiday just doesn’t cut it.

Your Weekend Getaway To Do Nothing (But Gain So Much)

When you choose to “do nothing like” at a weekend getaway at Happy Buddha Retreats, you’re actually doing quite a lot for yourself.  You’re spending those quiet times deep within your inner most thoughts. Looking for answers to questions that haunt your normal busy days.

It is through the weekend retreat experience where you’re able to engage in so many activities that open up the gateway to more clarity and understanding of how to manage all that busyness.

By engaging in daily yoga you’ll learn to better connect your mind and body as one.  To be completely in the moment even while your world rushes around you.

Through the practice of meditation, you’ll master the ability to stay calm in the center of crisis at your work or your family life.  When your normal reaction is to lash out, you’ll be able to “do nothing” and be present.

And by spending high quality time wandering in nature with zero distractions from smartphones, laptops or social media… you’ll rediscover ideas and dreams inside your heart that had long ago been buried under the busy.

When you connect with new-found friends and laugh at how much fun the drumming circle was, you’ll have a moment to ask yourself “So this is what happiness is?”.

So the next time a co-worker brags about their latest holiday, give them a high five and a smile.  And when they ask you about what you’ll be doing on your next weekend getaway simply reply with a grin…