The Power of Choosing Mindfully

Every day we are faced with thousands of choices, big and small. We don’t even notice most of them. We choose the same food for breakfast we usually eat, take the same road to work, automatically ask the question ‘How are you?’ when we meet someone and turn on the TV at night without even [...]

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7 Foods to Make You Feel Happier

Feeling down? Boost your mood with the right kind of food. These seven foods have been proven to make you happier, and they taste great, too! 1)      Tomatoes The tomato skin contains the powerful anti-oxidant lycopene, which also contributes to its red colour. Researchers have discovered that people who eat tomatoes regularly are 46 per [...]

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What Does It Mean to Listen to Your Body?

In yoga, you’ll often hear the advice to listen to your body. If you are just starting out, this may sound mysterious. How exactly do you do that? What if you don’t hear anything? You will. Learning to listen to your body requires some practice, but we all have the ability to do it. What [...]

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8 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself in 2018

‘You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.’  ̴ Buddha Kindness has the power to make you happier, more motivated and more successful. Make your 2018 a better year by choosing one or more of these ways to be kind to yourself. 1.      Fill your day with kindness [...]

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Choose Your One Word for the Year

It’s almost time to welcome 2018. What is it going to be like for you? What new adventures, opportunities and friendships is it going to bring? Life will bring delightful surprises and challenging situations your way, and you can never plan for everything. But you can choose what to focus on… and by doing so, [...]

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Happy Buddha’s Guide to a Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season

The holiday season is about kindness, generosity and connecting with the people we love, but many of us will also describe it as a time of stress, crazy schedules and thinning budgets. How do we embrace happiness and peace season? We’ve put together this short guide for you. Focus on what’s important to you We [...]

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What’s the Big Deal about Mindfulness

The word ‘mindfulness’ is everywhere these days and everyone, including our Happy Buddha team, is encouraging you to be more mindful. But what does it mean to be mindful? And why is it important? What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment without judgement. When you are mindful, you are paying attention [...]

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