Many moons ago, we explored and reviewed a few of our favourite yoga mats to buy in Australia.

You can read our first yoga mat article here and I personally still love the mat I discovered in the process, but four years on seems like a nice point to explore what other wonderful options have emerged.

Some of the following yoga mats excel in quality, beauty and have environmental plus points. Others cover special niches. All have made the cut into our new list of best yoga mats.

Earth Fusion Mat

earth fusion best yoga mat

(Image sourced courtesy of Stretch Now)

Stretch Now’s Earth Fusion mat came highly recommended by our marketing (and really all-things) wizard, Claire. When I asked what she loved about it, she answered with:

Everything. It’s the perfect texture for grip – the perfect thickness under feet. And I love the natural weave.”

These trusty mats are made from two sustainable (and biodegradable) plant materials – natural rubber and jute. They provide such wonderful grip, that they’re even the go-to for our sister yoga studio, Living Flow. These mats are a little on the heavier side (2.3kg), as they provide a high degree of cushioning. Although maybe not the ideal travel mat, if you love that feeling of stability in a home or studio practice, this one’s perfect for you. I’ll also note that for a high quality eco mat, it comes in at a pleasantly affordable price range.

‘Play’ Kids Cork Play Mat

kids best yoga mat

(Image sourced courtesy of Second Earth)

We’re never too young (or old for that matter) to unleash our inner yogi! So appropriately, introducing:  The Second Earth kids ‘play’ mat.

The ‘Play’ is soft, all natural and safe. All the things you want for the little ones to have some tummy time. Safety-wise, the mat’s cork surface is backed by a high-density layer of natural rubber. In other words, this mat won’t be sliding or going anywhere.

A high-density cork grain enhances durability and makes this mat easy to clean, naturally repelling dirt and spills. In case you’re still not convinced, it also comes in two magical mandala designs, an elephant or a feather! Officially one of the best yoga mats.

Meditation Yoga Mat

meditation yoga mat

(Image sourced courtesy of Yogi Peace Club)

If you’re familiar with the eight-limbs of yoga, you’ll note that only really one of them (asana) involves the postures that we so commonly associate with the practice. A huge emphasis is rather placed its meditative qualities. So, if you’re less vinyasa focused, and looking to deepen your practice of pranayama, do some yin, or even just enjoy some presence in a good sit spot – Yogi Peace Club’s Meditation yoga mat might be the one for you!

This mat’s stunning options of printed grip tops, are crafted from post consumer recycled PET plastic and free from latex. Featuring artwork of Australian artists, the printed layer essentially acts as absorbent towel. This one comes in at 1.5kg so is on the lighter side. A few other perks here are free shipping – and a free yoga strap included with purchases, all of which contribute to planting native trees.

Cork yoga mat


(Image sourced courtesy of Anjali Generation)

Speaking of native trees… my next pick is another cork option, but this time for you. Anjali Generation’s 5mm mat now comes in this gorgeous native botanics design.

Cork has some pretty incredible natural properties. It’s anti-microbial and anti-fungal, biodegradable and durable. Grip will increase with moisture, meaning that you’ll feel firmly grounded through any sweaty vinyasa flows (or hot yoga). You can even spray some water on your mat before practice, for the same effect. Free of toxins, and dyed with water based ink – there’s really no downsides to this mat.

Australian Landscape Mat

australian natural landscape yoga mat(Image sourced courtesy of Australia Scape)

What better way to stay consistent with your yoga practice, than having a mat that invites you into another world?

Australia Scape’s yoga mats feature the work of a grazier turned photographer. David Taylor initially secured his pilot’s licence to manage stock, but was quickly amazed by the incredible beauty of the Australian Outback as seen from the skies. Naturally… he began to capture it on camera. His aerial images now headline exhibitions and galleries around the world.

Where does yoga come in? These ethereal pieces have now been given a more tactile and desirable dimension, as limited-edition accessories and tools such as scarves and skirts.

This particular yoga mat is imbued with a stunning aerial image of dreamy Roebuck Bay, WA. Surface-wise, it’ll feel a little different too. It’s been printed (with water based inks) on microfibre vegan suede (with a natural tree rubber base). Despite the rich colours, this mat remains free of nasties like latex, silicone, toxic glue and PVC. Stunning!


Yoga accessories

yoga bolster woman

(Image sourced courtesy of Valka Yoga)

Yoga can become more easeful when accompanied by some handy props. From eye pillows, cushions to straps – it’s all about finding what works to enhance your particular needs.

A solid staple (and personal favourite) worth mentioning comes from New Zealand based company, Valka Yoga. It’s their incredibly comfy, hand-stitched yoga bolster.

Bolsters help us relax into stretches, hold postures and ultimately improve flexibility. They can provide miracles in pain relief.  As a big fan of rectangle bolsters (which provide more surface area for back support than cylindrical options), I was thrilled to have found this one.

Naturally dyed, it conveniently consists of two covers. The first is filled with organic buckwheat husk, then inserted within another (100% GOTS certified organic cotton) cover. This makes cleaning incredibly easy, simply a matter of unzipping the outer bolster for hand washing. So good.


If your yogi cravings are tingling, why not join us for some stretching, connection and good times? We’d love to have you.