What are the first images that come to mind when you hear the word ‘hippie’? Possibly, colourful clothes, long hair with flowers in it, slightly absent gaze and big gatherings full of music, dance and free love. Many of us focus on the stereotypical outward expressions and forget that underneath it all the hippie movement as about wellbeing, freedom and love.

You don’t have to be a hippie with headbands and flairs to embrace these wonderful values. Here are some qualities of the modern-day hippie that we here at Happy Buddha identify with and, maybe, you do, too.


While our individual definitions of spirituality may differ, we’ll all agree that it has to do with a sense of purpose and a connection to something bigger than our physical selves. As modern-day hippies, we nurture this connection and we honour the spirituality in others, even if they express it differently from us.


Our connection with spirit is important, but so are our physical bodies. People can live fuller lives and contribute more if they’re healthy and full of energy. We eat food that’s full of goodness, move our bodies in ways that feel good and make day-to-day decisions with our health in mind.


We don’t believe in the wide-spread myth in our society that we should work hard, achieve our goals and then we’ll be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. In every moment, we can focus on what is going well in our lives and use our emotions to guide us towards better choices for ourselves.


The modern-day hippies care about others and about the world around them. We recognise that everyone is different and can contribute their own unique gifts to the community. We also strive to be kind to ourselves. This means that we take time to rest, listen to our bodies and celebrate our humanity, which sometimes includes errors and imperfections.


We choose to be here, in the present moment and experience everything that life has to offer. Being fully present allows us to notice the stunning sunset, the warmth of a stranger’s smile or the gentle whisper of our bodies that it’s time to get some rest.

Connection with nature

Nature is a source of beauty and inspiration. It helps us relax when we’re wound up and it opens up the feeling of oneness. It is not a one-sided relationship, though. Just as nature is always there for us, we do our best to be there for her. We choose sustainable food, products and lifestyles.

Creativity and expression

Mixing bright colours and playing music are just some of the ways to express yourself creatively. Modern-day hippies know that the world needs their creativity and bring it into every area of life. We still play music together. We also prepare nutritious food, build beautiful relationships, facilitate deep experiences and create businesses that reflect our values.

Do you see these characteristics of the modern-day hippie in yourself? Do you want to spend time nurturing your hippie side? Come and join us for one of our yoga retreats in the Blue Mountains.