How many mornings do you wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a tidal wave of anxiety?  For most, I’d guess that it happens far more than they’d like. And in this world of so much to do with too little time, how can you end the onslaught of anxiety using affirmations?

It Begins With “I Am”

You might not think that those two tiny words could hold so much power for you, but they can.  For the reason most of us feel anxious in our daily lives is due to uncertainty. We lack the personal power and self-awareness that we are in control.

And it is through “I Am” affirmations that you can begin to shift that focus.  For every time you repeat with emotion and conviction your “I Am” affirmation, you’re taking one more step to calming your inner storm.

The beauty of affirmations is a direct result of their simplicity.  In a matter of a few minutes, you could come up with at least 3 to 5 different affirmations to bring clarity and confidence to your life.  Here are just a few.

“I am always putting myself in the perfect positions to embrace a new financial opportunity.”

“I am overflowing with gratitude to experience this current challenge so as to increase my wisdom”

“I am someone who is constantly taking actions that improve my health and fitness.”

As you can see, it’s not rocket science.  But once you begin using your own “I Am” affirmations your progress could shoot you to the moon!

Your Perfect Combination

Now while repeating your affirmations on their own can be quite powerful, there’s a way you can create an even greater impact on your results.  And that is through applying your affirmations while attending a wellness retreat.

Listen… being overwhelmed with anxiety on a daily basis can quickly cause your health to decline and lead to a whole range of other issues.  This is why attending 3 day getaways like you’d find with Happy Buddha Retreats is so crucial to your overall wellness.

During a retreat, you’ll already be enjoying exercise practices like yoga, gulping down delicious, mouth watering vegan meals and tapping back into the glory of nature.  And all of these things on their own can greatly reduce your anxiety.

But now combine all of them with the repetition of your “I Am” affirmations.  With every new yoga posture, your affirmation stretches your mind and body. With every home cooked, nutrient dense meal… your affirmation confirms you are healthy and vibrant.

And as you feel the soft grass under your feet during your stroll in nature, your affirmations remind you that you can always step away and let anxiety carry itself away on a soft breeze.

Anxiety Leaves Once You Let Go

The last point to make regarding the power of affirmations (especially while on a retreat) is that they allow you to let go.  With every single “I Am” statement, you are releasing yourself from the prison of your former self.

Anxiety loves to prey upon our old fears, life stories and false beliefs.

But once you repeat your affirmations with a faith that they are indeed fact, you’re able to finally let go of the past.  You’re able to let go of your confusion or frustration with the present. And to embrace a future where everything that will come was created by your own design.

Let go of your anxiety so that you can finally say “ I Am.”

Because guess what… You are exactly who you choose to become.