Namaste! It's time to plan your Spring retreat 🌿🌸

Whether you’re a raw beginner or an advanced practitioner, Happy Buddha Retreats is the perfect destination to enjoy a wide variety of yoga styles.  As you’ll find with everything regarding Happy Buddha, they strive to maintain a harmony of balance for all who partake of their experiences.

It is this perspective when it comes to the combination of styles taught at this soul soothing yoga retreat that helps set them apart from your run of the mill, cookie cutter attempts you might be used to at standard resorts.  But Happy Buddha strives to provide something far beyond the norm with their yoga retreat experience.

Let’s dive into a brief breakdown of all 3 yoga styles being offered.

Hatha Style (General or Beginner Yoga)

In today’s world, Hatha has become known essentially as a style for beginners on their road to integrating a yoga practice to their life.  This style is generally a more slow and gentle practice of yoga… which again makes it ideal for beginners unfamiliar with the various poses and breathing techniques.

The Hatha Style of yoga takes a variety of asanas (static yoga postures) and combines them with pranayama (breathing exercises).  The postures are normally done at slower pace and focus on simply holding the positions for time. This allows the student the opportunity to settle into placing proper focus on their breathing exercises.

By taking part in a Hatha style class, students are able to better prepare their mind and body for meditation as they step forward into the more in depth spiritual practices contained within yoga.

Vinyasa Style (Intermediate Yoga)

This next style that you’ll be able to embrace at the Happy Buddha yoga retreat is the vigorous flow of Vinyasa.  This is due to the fact that it’s focus is on creating a harmonious connection between the art of deep breathing and gliding from one yoga posture (asana) to the next.

The key element within Vinyasa is on the principle of “flow.”  To allow breath and movement to effortlessly intertwine. For many students, this style can be an exhilarating workout that stretches and tones the body.

For others, it allows them to calm the stresses of the mind due to the requirement of keeping focus on the next movements and maintaining control of their breathing.  While Vinyasa style is typically regarded as an Intermediate level yoga, even beginners can benefit and appreciate the flow state it provides them.

Yin Style (Gentle, Restorative Yoga)

Now the final of the 3 practices taught at this heart / mind melding yoga retreat is that of Yin style.  While this style is known to be quite slow while engaging in the poses, it can provide a different type of challenge for students.

With Yin style yoga, each asana is held for a minimum of 5 minutes and many times much longer.  The goal is for the practitioner to settle into each pose so that they can improve circulation to the joints, increase flexibility and provide general strengthening to the ligaments.

It is through this “slo mo” style of yoga that the student is able to generate a strong restorative feeling to their entire body.  Infusing their form with a renewed vigor and vitality, gaining back much of what may have been lost due to overwhelm, anxiety and work / life stress.

For those who are brand new to yoga or are a lifelong devotee… the trio of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin style yoga provides the perfect complement to your entire yoga retreat experience.